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Catalog excerpts

TY EQUIPM Enjoy the Ride

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BOUNDER Plus H-Frame Fast! Configured for 9.1, 10.0, 10.8 or 11.6 mph top speed for most users. Slower speeds easily programmed. Extended Range! Large, sliding dual group 27 battery box provides additional range (over 40 miles per charge under ideal conditions; over 25 miles per charge in typical use). Group 27 batteries which are the largest in use on power wheelchairs and are readily available. Some configurations require either group 24 or 22NF batteries. BOUNDER Plus H-Frame • Smart electric brake release - for easy pushing by an attendant • 9” x 3.50” steel caster wheels - excellent on most surfaces...

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Narrow & Extra Narrow Base Options Narrow Base options provide improved maneuverability in confined spaces such as some small homes, narrow hallways and vehicles. Narrow Base • 24” overall base width • Group 24 batteries standard Extra narrow Base • 21.5” overall base width • Group 22NF batteries standard • Top speed limited to 9.1mph • Excellent for small adults and children BOUNDER Plus H-Frame with Extra Narrow Base Width BOUNDER Plus H-Frame with Independent Drive Wheel Suspension (IDWS) • 25.5” overall base width (wider bases available) • Group 24 Batteries standard The Independent Drive...

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BIG BOUNDER H-Frame power chairs are configured specifically for bariatric users. Similar to BOUNDER Plus H-Frame chairs, they also include reinforced frames. They are custom built to each user's unique dimensions. The electronics and drive train are optimized at the factory for the user. Available in seat widths from 21” to 48”. Very narrow overall widths (as little as 3” wider than the seat width) result in improved maneuverability through doors and tight spaces. BIG BOUNDER H-Frame with Low Profile Elevating Legrests Power 700 Option for users up to 700 lb All BIG BOUNDER H-Frame features and...

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Classic Styling! The conventional style frame utilizes 20” x 2.125” drive wheels and sling seat and back upholstery. Ideal for long-time power chair users who like the look and feel of a “traditional” power wheelchair. BOUNDER Plus Conventional Frame STANDARD FEATURES: » 16”, 17”, 18”, 19” or 20” seat widths (14” & 15” widths available at additional charge) » .065” wall tandem cross struts » .120” wall seat rails » Non-folding box frame » All steel TIG welded frame (no brazing, no aluminum) » Sliding dual group 27 battery box with safety reflectors » UE1 Series electronics - 6 drive programs, battery...

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BOUNDER Plus H-Frame with Power Recline (PRS) and Dual Independent Elevating Legrests (DIPLR) Power Recline System (PRS) Our Power Recline System is extremely durable Up to 80 degrees of recline (some restrictions apply) Greater strength and less complexity than competitive systems Optional Pushrod Linked Elevating Legrest available Options available for users up to 700 lb Dual Independent Power Elevating Legrests (DIPLR) + Elevate either legrest separately from the other and independent of any other power seating Power Seat Elevator 2 (PSE2) Elevating seat increases user independence. The Power Seat...

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BOUNDER Plus H-Frame with Power Front Load System, 13” Power Seat Elevator, Power Tilt System and Custom Center Mount Footboard Power Front Load (Latitude) System (PFLS)* The Power Front Load System allows the user to extend the seat forward and closer to the ground, thereby reducing the effective seatto-floor height. The arms and front rigging move with the seat. This allows for easier transferring into and out of the chair and gives the user the ability to reach things on the floor. Great for double amputees, people with deformed lower extremities or who are short in stature. Can be installed...

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Power Seating Options Combine: Power tilt, recline, seat elevator, power elevating legrests and power headrest (some restrictions apply) Standard Power Seating Systems (PSS) are rated for up to 250 lb users PSS HD available for users between 250 and 400 lb PSS XHD available for users over 400 lb PS LOCKOUT Power Seating Lockout Switch complete (stop), slow (low), medium and fast speed drive lockouts. Up to 10 can be installed on a chair COMBI PS LOCKOUT - Each can prevent or limit the movement of two seating systems, or one seating system and the chair speed. PS OVERRIDE switch controls a seating...

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BOUNDER Plus H-Frame with IDWS (Independent Drive Wheel Suspension), Recaro® ES Seat, Custom Center Mount Footboard and Custom Self Supporting Arms BOUNDER Plus H-Frame with IDWS (Independent Drive Wheel Suspension), Leather Recaro® ES Seat, High Profile Elevating Legrests and custom black tires MANUAL WHEELCHAIRS BOUNDER Manual Wheelchairs are custom built using thick steel for extreme strength. Virtually any dimension is available. They are built to withstand the abuses of very aggressive users or the added weight of bariatric clients. Tell us what you need, we can usually build a custom chair...

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BOUNDER Plus POWER & MANUAL GURNEYS Prone Carts: Nearly any size you need and any user weight up to 1000 lbs POWER GURNEYS FEATURE: l Standard user weight up to 500 lbs Stable rear wheel drive that does not fishtail at high speeds Includes many of the standard features and options of our conventional frame power wheelchairs Optional: Increase user weight to 700 or 1000 lbs BOUNDER Plus Manual Gurney MANUAL GURNEYS FEATURE: l BOUNDER Plus H-Frame Power Gurney Front wheel drive for easy self-propelling by user 24”x1.75” front drive wheels with handrims, pneumatic tires and tubes Super Duty wheel...

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GROUP 27 SLIDING BATTERY BOX ✓ 2 models available: One for group 27 and one for group 24 batteries ✓ Utilizes ball bearing slides; no lifting of heavy batteries ✓ Quick release latch to slide out tray ✓ Includes removable cover with strap ✓ Battery installation instructions inside cover SUPER TORQUE 4M MOTORS • Recommended for all users over 500 lbs. • Best hill climbing performance - ideal for offroad and Bariatric chairs • 7.6 MPH top speed, depending upon drive train selected • More powerful - produces significantly more torque than ST3 with 40% speed reduction • Improved motor and drive train...

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