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BOUNDER Plus Heliport Patient Transport Power Gurney

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Heliport Patient Transport Power Gurneys provide a safe and rapid way of moving patients from heliport to hospital emergency room. Only one trauma team member is necessary to transport a patient on a BOUNDER Plus Power Gurney. The joystick at the rear of the gurney controls speed and direction; no shoving, pushing or pulling the gurney needed! Even bariatric patients up to 1000 pounds can be accommodated with upgrade options. 21st Century SCIENTIFIC, Inc. t    I 4931 N Manufacturing Way, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815 (208) 667-8800 FAX (208) 667-6600 (800) 448-3680

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BOUNDER PLUS HELIPORT PATIENT TRANSPORT POWER GURNEY Reduce Workplace Injuries – Trauma team members may experience sore backs and other stresses when moving patients from the heliport into the hospital. Power gurneys can reduce the occurrence of these work-related injuries and the resulting workman’s compensation claims.* Improves Efficiency – Once the patient is transferred onto the gurney only one team member is needed to move him into the hospital. The attendant control located at the rear of the gurney proportionally controls the power to the wheels, propelling the gurney in the...

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