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Medical Catalog - 148 Pages

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Medical Catalog
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Catalog excerpts

MEDICAL EDUCATION Anatomy Birth Simulators CPR Manikins Health Education Injection & Venipuncture Life Support Medical Education Patient Care Paediatric Simulators

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Building knowledge through EDUCATION Medical education strives to empower students with the knowledge necessary to provide patients with the best care possible. At 3B Scientific we are passionate about combining years of research and professional experience to enable educators in the field of medical science. We believe that robust products of the highest quality are necessary in a field where those learning will one day be performing on human lives. 3B Scientific provides durable models with extreme fidelity, simulators that recreate lifelike scenarios, and the support of an informed team of...

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MEDICAL CATALOGUE Anatomy ____________________________________________ 4 - 67 Bone & Joint Models__________________________________ 12 - 22 Skulls ______________________________________________ 30 - 35 Digestive System_____________________________________ 62 - 64 Pregnancy & Birth_____________________________________68 - 71 Health Education______________________________________72 - 81 Emergency Life Support_______________________________ 82 - 93 Advanced Life Support _______________________________ 94 - 103 Paediatric Simulators___________________________ 96 - 99, 113 - 114 Auscultation________________________________________...

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Stan the 3B Scientific® Classic Skeleton, A10 Stan’s the man! This classic model has been the standard of quality in hospitals, schools, universities, and laboratories for over 50 years. Ideal for active use in teaching and demonstrations, this is the most affordable full-size skeleton of this quality available anywhere! Don’t settle for imitations which compromise quality in workmanship and materials. Pelvic mounted roller stand. 176,5 cm; 9,57 kg Metal Stand with 5 Castors! Affordable, reliable, and genuine 3B Scientific®! 3-part skull (skull cap, skull base, mandible) Movable joints Stan on...

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Max the Classic Muscle Skeleton, A11 This version contains all the standard benefits of a 3B Scientific® Skeleton. In addition, it shows the structural interaction between bones and muscles. It depicts over 600 structures of medical/anatomical significance including muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) on the left side as well as hand numbered bones, fissures and foramina on the right side. 176,5 cm; 9,57 kg Metal Stand with 5 Castors! Affordably priced with no sacrifice in quality! 3-part numbered skull (skull cap, skull base, mandible) Movable joints Full Size Skeletons | Anatomy

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Leo the Classic Ligament Skeleton, A12 In addition to the standard advantages of a 3B Scientific® Skeleton, Leo provides representations of the structural interaction between bones and ligaments. His elastic ligaments on the major appendicular joints (shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee) are mounted on the right side. Comes on stable metal stand with 5 castors and transparent dust cover! 176,5 cm; 10 kg Metal Stand with 5 Castors! Elastic, movable joints! Elastic knee ligaments Heavy Duty Protective Cover Protect your investment with our heavy-duty protective cover. Suitable for all full-size skeletons...

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A13, Sam the Super Skeleton Does it All! Sam’s fully flexible vertebral column allows you to demonstrate all natural postures, including the movements of the skull and head joints. The unique combination of a flexible vertebral column, muscle origins and insertions, numbered bones, flexible joint ligaments, and a disc prolapsed between the 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae allow you to display over 600 structures of medical/anatomical interest with this top of the line model. 176,5 cm; 10 kg Metal Stand with 5 Castors! Flexible vertebral column! Hand painted and numbered Skull Shoulder ligaments Emerging...

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Frank the Functional Skeleton, A15/3S This unique functional Skeleton comes on a hanging stand and features a flexible assembly of all joints, allowing you to perform the individual movements in a nearly life-like way. You can even demonstrate the complex motions of the upper extremity. The shoulder blades rotate along when the arms are raised. Graphically demonstrate the position of the radial and ulnar bones during inward and outward rotation of the lower arm. The flexible spine allows for natural movement (lateral inclination, flexion and extension, rotation). Even the restricted mobility of...

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Physiological Phil the Skeleton, A15/3 Physiological Phil is unique in its near life-like realisation of the joint mechanisms. He allows you to demonstrate the inward and outward rotation of the arms and legs and the extension and flexion of the knee and elbow joints. The flexible spine allows for natural movement (lateral inclination, movement and extension, rotation). The bones of the hands are wire mounted to demonstrate their natural positions. The foot bones are mounted flexibly to enable movability. The shoulder blades rotate along when the arms are raised. Even the restricted mobility of...

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Skeleton Comparison Guide All of our skeletons are cast from a single specimen. They are hand assembled and made from durable, unbreakable plastic with individually modeled teeth. The skeletons come with a dust cover and include a metal stand. Top quality natural casting Final assembly done by hand Durable, unbreakable synthetic material Natural skeleton size Close to the actual weight of approx. 200 bones 3 part skull that can be taken apart Rotating ulna and radius Soft intervertebral discs Metal stand with 5 castors Metal hanging stand with 5 castors Flexible spine Muscle insertions and origins,...

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SKELETON FEATURES Quality that meets your expectations 3-Part Skull Comes with individually inserted teeth. Radial & Ulnar Rotation Realistic demonstration of the rotation of the forearm. Natural movement of shoulder and blades (A15/3S) Demonstrate realistic movement. Soft Intervertebral Discs Top quality natural casting "Made in Germany." Flexible Spine (A13, A13/1, A15, & A15/3S) Accepting the challenge of all natural postures. Naturally Moving Hip (A15/3 & A15/3S) Individual movements almost true-to-life. Realistic Patella Movement (A15/3S) Demonstrate changing position in movement. Top Quality...

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