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Medical Catalogue 2012 - 184 Pages

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Medical Catalogue 2012
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Catalog excerpts

For order address, please see back cover of this catalogue. …going one step further Page 55 Page 59 Address Telephone Fax Page 137 E-mail Profession In case of questions concerning your order Product No. Product Description 3B Catalogue Therapy Acupuncture Quantity Physics Unit Price Page 86 Total Free of Charge 9000191-9985 E SAP Page 4 Page 40 Page 134 Date, Signature VAT Invoice* 9000191-9985 E SAP 11/2011 *All prices are ex works, uninsured, packing in export cartons included. Shipping costs will be calculated separately according to your country and order volume and will be added to the order confirmation for your approval. Page 12 Total Order Value 9000191-9985 E SAP 11/2011 Thank you for ordering 3B Scientific® Products CATALOGUE MEDICAL 2012 Order 2012 – 2013 M E D I CA L Page 9 3B Scientific Page 28 Printed on paper from a sustainable forest company …going one step further Anatomy Health Care Recovery Childbirth Medical Measures Acupuncture Gynaecology Surgery Wall Charts Cells & Genetics Resuscitation Software

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Dear Customer! 3B Scientific Histor y 1819 Calderoni founded in Budapest, We prefer building new models and simulators with you. You, our customers came up with important suggestions for the development of our realistic and value-for-money reanimation simulator, “Basic Billy“ on page 4, the sclerotherapy simulator on page 6, and the pathological models on pages 7 and 12. Hungary 1912 Training Workshops of the German Exercise band, latex free 1948 aul Binhold Lehrmittelfabrik founded in P Hamburg 1950 roduction of the first plastic skeleton P We also get our inspiration however from new technologies,...

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New Products Anatomy Histology Microscopes Specimens Skeleton & Bones Skull Spine Models of Vertebrae Spinal Disorders Pelvis Joints Muscular Figure Arm and Leg Muscles Torso Skin Head Teeth Brain Nervous System Eyes Nose Ears Larynx Lungs Heart Blood Vessels Intestinal Tract Medical Techniques 143 Resuscitation Basic Measures 146 Baby / Child Adult 146 148 Resuscitation Extended Measures 155 Baby / Child Adult 155 158 Recovery and Accident Simulation 13 13 16 25 31 34 35 37 39 42 46 48 56 57 58 61 64 65 68 69 71 72 72 75 76 79 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 140 Surgery 13 120...

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9 Reasons to Buy 3B Scientific® Products: 1 Three Year Quality Warranty If you detect material or processing defects despite appropriate handling of a product within 3 years of the invoice date, we will replace the product or remedy the defect. 2 Global Price Guarantee Your BLS Simulator for Realistic Training Basic Billy was developed using the results of a study on depth of force and compression during cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This enabled optimal force and compression values for adults and children to be determined statistically and then precisely implemented in the product design. You...

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Basic Life Support Simulator “Basic Billy” Cardiovascular failure is one of the most common causes of death. The guidelines issued by the AHA (American Heart Association) and ERC (European Resuscitation Council) show that is not all that difficult to provide help and save lives using the correct cardiac massage and ventilation technique. Of course, Basic Billy fulfils the latest guidelines from the AHA and ERC on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and is therefore suitable both for medical training and for first aid training in schools, clubs and first aid courses. You benefit from the following...

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Simulator for Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins 9985-1012792 The current literature indicates that ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy can be extremely effective even when treating complicated varicose veins [1]. The procedure is minimally invasive, safe and cost-efficient. In order to achieve an optimal result and minimise complications, suitable qualifications are mandatory since the precise positioning of the needle in the desired vein requires good hand-eye coordination as well as expert knowledge and experience. This simulator enables students to cost efficiently acquire...

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Gastric Band Model The model was developed based on our existing two-part stomach model to which was added an SAGB Quick Close® gastric band. A gastric band is i ­nserted surgically to treat morbid obesity if conservative treatments are unsuccessful. This model is highly suitable as a tool for explaining the device to patients. 18x16x25 cm, 0.505 kg & L/E/D/S/F/P/I/J 9985-1012797 Intestinal Diseases This model shows the usual benign and malignant changes in the colon and rectum. These include diverticula, polyps, haemorrhoids, fistulae, f ­ issures, chronic inflammatory diseases (Crohn’s disease...

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From Micro to Macro Micro CT based anatomical teaching model by 3B Scientific For the very first time, high resolution micro-computer tomography has been used to produce exact, enlarged replicas of very tiny structures from micro-anatomical original preparations, such as cancellous bone and human auditory ossicles. This process supersedes the evaluation of two dimensional histological sections, so that the three dimensional micro-architecture of the scanned object can be reproduced in a non-destructive way. Once developed to analyze small defects in ceramic materials, the micro CT scanner now...

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Ossicles – magnified 20 times With incomparable accuracy, this three dimensional model shows the human auditory ossicles in their normal state, magnified 20 times. This is possible using a micro-CT that works in a similar way to a large medical computer tomograph. Originals, just a few millimeters in size, of the malleus, incus and stapes were inserted into this device and scanned to produce virtually wafer-thin, high-resolution layers. They were then reproduced three-dimensionally using computer technology. In this way, the microarchitecture can be reproduced without damaging the structures....

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9985-1013060 9985-1013059 Infant Ostomy Trainer The Infant Ostomy Trainer has been created to educate carers and parents on how to give special care to an i ­nfant with a stoma. This trainer will help by teaching step-by-step p ­ rocedures for cleaning and caring for a baby’s stoma and changing the pouching system. The anatomy of the colostomies were carefully reproduced to provide lifelike appearance and functions. A soft, pliable material is used for the stomas in order to achieve the most realistic tactile sensation. The syringes included are used to inject simulated stool through ports to...

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