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Pannoramic Confocal
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Solution resides in the details Pannoramic Confocal Whole slide confocal scanning: clean signals over the whole sample, without background at every focus layer. 3DHISTECH presents its latest addition to research pathology. By combining confocal imaging with award-winning whole slide scanning technology, your immuno-fluorescent samples will appear on your screen in unprecedented quality! With 3DView, the digital 3D reconstruction of the fluorescent images gives an amazing insight view of the whole specimen.

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FEATURES • Innovative structured illumination confocal imaging to overcome the limitations of spinning pinhole-disc techniques. This delivers the highest light efficiency with minimal bleaching and fastest scanning speed. • Colocalized Fluorescent and Brightfield imaging • Automated water immersion for high NA objectives • Darkfield preview • Motorized Objective changer • 1D and 2D barcode reading • DDIC (Digital Differential Interference Contrast) for low contrast brightfield visualization Slide capacity Acceptable slide formats Default objectives camera type image resolution (in focus plane) resolution confocal...

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