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TMA Grand Master - 2 Pages

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TMA Grand Master
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Catalog excerpts

Solution resides in the details TMA Grand Master The tissue microarray (TMA) technique can be used as a valuable, high-thoughput diagnostic method. By being able to place up to several hundred different samples into one paraffin block, TMA brings major economies in time, quality and costs of tissue preparation, staining and slide preparation. The real advantages of tissue microarrays cannot be achieved when done manually, though. Welcome the TMA Grand Master, the latest in the 3DHISTECH tissue microarray hardware portfolio! The TMA Grand Master not only retains the benefits of the TMA Master but it also elevates the tissue microarray workflow to a new level. With its high capacity, high speed and new features it is finally possible for the TMA technique to enter the clinical pathology workflow.

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World's highest capacity: 72 blocks • 60 donor blocks at the same time • 12 recipient blocks 4 core diameters • 0.6 mm    max. 558 cores World's fastest microarrayer: 10 seconds per core! • Simultaneous loading, imaging, drilling and punching smart automation • Automatic block and virtual slide matching, even remotely via CaseCenter • Automatic block height measurement and section number prediction based on core volume • Automatic donor block image, barcode image, and project data saving into Excel file • Automatic core extraction for molecular analysis: cost effectiveness on all levels sample...

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