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Do you have a Dental Lab? Do you deal with design and dental modeling?

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Choose to work digitally with CAD Lynx to design and model any type of prosthesis through a guided and efficient step by step workflow. Do you have a Dental Lab? Simplify your daily work! WHY CHOOSE CAD LYNX? SOME KEY REASONS: ■ The CAD Lynx is innovative and precise, suitable for experienced and first users ■ The license is not subject to expiration or mandatory fees. Adhering to the update and support program receive frequent updates ■ It’s an open system. It receives and releases STL files that you can share with any other free system

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I Anatomic Crowns Reduced Crowns Offset Crowns Pressed Crowns Bars Toronto Bridges Attachments Premiling Jobs Inlay-Onlay Installations Open Software to interact with all guided surgery solutions Veneers Telescopies Maryland Bridge Bite Bridge Wax-up

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Smile Lynx, the Digital Planning Smile Design Software, allows dentists to design patients the smile of their dreams. In fact, in just 5 minutes, the dentist shows an amazing “before” and “after” to the patient, during the first appointment. Smile Lynx improves the communication dentist-patient and dentist-dental technician. Creates patients the smile of their dreams The patient easily understands the treatment plan through pictures and has full confidence in the professional thanks to a conjunctly well-planned treatment and the dental technician can rely on accurate information to finalize...

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Take just 2 pictures of your patient following a very simple protocol and an impression Upload the pictures in the Smile Lynx Software and thanks to a simple step by step procedure, create the project to be shared with the patient Import the full 2D project in the CAD Lynx. Take advantage of finding the patient’s data, the pictures and the library used. Create your three-dimensional production and export the STL file to try it directly in the patient’s mouth

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An incredible “stand alone” tool that, after receiving a file from an intraoral scanner, allows you to create a model with removable stumps in STL format compatible with every three-dimensional laboratory modellers. Try it in combination with our suite and construct the prosthesis in a few clicks. Dental surgeries who take advantage of digital tools for the fingerprint detection on the patient can rely on the creation of a digital virtual model with Model Lynx. It follows a very similar line of reasoning that has been employed in the dental laboratory up to the present day. This module...

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Suitable for every intraoral scanner Intra Lynx

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An exceptional combination of Smile Lynx and CAD Lynx products in their lighter versions, dedicated to the professional who wants to better communicate with the patient and match the result with the acquired intra-oral scan in real time. Intra Lynx allows the user to complete in a few steps the realization of a mock-up or a temporary crown through the use of a common 3D printer. Clinical workflow: from photography to the real check on the patient Prepare a bi-dimensional project with the Software Smile Lynx to explain to the patient the treatment plan Get his/her digital intraoral...

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Via San Vittore 36 - 20123 Milano (Ml) Ph. +39 02.94753398 - email: info@3d-lynx.com www.3d-lynx.com

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