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ProX 950

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ProX™ 950 SLA® Production 3D Printer Print big parts with legendary SLA® precision faster than ever before. Take on more projects faster with 3D Systems’ ProX™ 950 Stereolithography (SLA®) Production Printer—the revolutionary new way to quickly manufacture precise plastic parts and forgo the design limitations of CNC or injection molding. New PolyRay™ print head technology helps you manufacture your real parts at up to 10 times the speed of other 3D printers. Transform your development and manufacturing processes with ultra-accurate printed parts at a low perunit cost, without compromising quality, size or speed. With the industry’s widest choice of proven highperformance engineered materials, the ProX 950 delivers a range of properties: from ABS-like toughness to polycarbonate-like clarity. You can even cast directly from patterns printed with QuickCast® build style.

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ProX™ 950 SLA® Production 3D Printer ProX 950 PolyRay Print Technology Lasers Wavelength Power (nominal) - at head Laser Warranty Zephyr™ Recoating System Process Adjustment Layer thickness ProScan™ Scanning System Border spot (diameter @ 1/e2) Large hatch spot Maximum part drawing speed* Border spot Large hatch spot Solid-state frequency tripled Nd: YVO₄ with SteadyPower™ 354.7 nm 1450 mW (1000 mW at resin surface under nominal optical path condition) 10,000 hours or 18 months (whichever comes first), replacement at 800 mW Removable blade Self-leveling; self-correcting Min -0.05 mm (0.002...

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