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Virtually unbreakable and sealed against contamination, When you hold the seamless, stainless steel Elipar™ S10 LED Curing Light from 3M ESPE, you can feel product excellence at a whole new level. Its one-piece stainless steel casing is virtually unbreakable. And because the casing has no seams or vents where liquid can seep in, internal components are protected from contaminants. Hygiene control on a whole new level. The smooth, vent-free, stainless steel exterior allows fast and easy disinfection between patients. Redefining strength, durability and hygiene. • One-piece stainless steel casing is...

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inside and out. Optimized optics deliver a more focused light output. 100 90 Effective intensity distribution from center to rim at 7 mm distance. With 10mm light guide With 8mm light guide Elipar™ S10 LED Curing Light Demi Plus The beam from the Elipar™ S10 LED Curing Light has a smaller angle of beam spread, resulting in a higher maintained intensity at a distance. Source: 3M ESPE internal data The images show clearly that the Elipar S10 LED Curing Light delivers a superior, uniform intensity distribution across the illuminated surface at a clinically relevant distance of 7 mm—a prerequisite...

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curing procedure. The Elipar™ S10 LED Curing Light is designed to give you confidence during any curing procedure with: • Up to 50% more optical power* • Up to 80% more curing surface* • Up to three times more intensity at the clinically relevant distance of 7 mm* And, with such high intensity, it allows a fast cure of compatible materials in half the manufacturer's recommended cure time.** •Compared to leading devices tested. *ln comparison with a conventional halogen light (with light intensity typically ranging from 600-800 mW/cm2). Charging base station with built-in light meter and battery...

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