Lava CNC 500 Milling Machine brochure - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Redefine Productivity

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3-axis speed and precision. 5-axis milling when you need it. A workpiece magazine that’s not a lot of work. A worktool magazine with a brain. You can use this machine’s smart, Because the CNC 500 machine tool 5-axis milling for full contouring, allows you to load and unload a variety changer holds 31 tools up to 50 mm undercuts and abutments, as well as of frame types without interrupting in length, you can easily change your the Lava™ Digital Veneering System.* the milling process – up to 21 frames tool portfolio to fit a wide variety of And without missing a beat you can with as many as 10 units...

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Operator-friendly touchscreen. Quiet, integrated suction system for dust collection. Non-stop operation, even with multiple materials. Look, no keyboard! The conveniently Both the milling hardware and the In addition to milling zirconia frames, located touchscreen control center on integrated suction system in the CNC the Lava™ CNC 500 Milling Machine the CNC 500 machine provides easy 500 machine have been designed will work with a wax block** and other access to the information your people to reduce dust and contamination. materials without requiring any stopping need, from bur status to milling...

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Automation. n. From people dedicated to helping you find the path to productivity. The Lava CNC 500 Milling Machine is just one example of the forward thinking 3M ESPE is applying to all aspects of CAD/CAM dentistry. We believe that digitization will be a fundamental part of the future of dentistry, and we are committed to helping all of our industry partners put themselves in the best position to succeed, today and down the road. Picture your operation with a milling machine that can be programmed to A machine that can deliver 3- or 5-axis smart milling. And a machine that is as low on maintenance...

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Nesting options provide optimal use of frame space. The Lava™ CNC 500 Milling Machine gives you the option to optimize your milling block usage through a software-supported restoration placement functionality. Using this feature, you can load your machine on Friday and come back on Monday to find all your cases done. It’s a way of getting even more value from your materials. Materials Ordering Information Technical Data Input Supply voltage: 200 – 240 V AC Nominal supply frequency: 50/60 Hz Lava™ Zirconia Frame materials provide flexibility and multiple size options for the production of Lava...

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