Lava Furnace 200 - 12 Pages

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Lava Furnace 200
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Catalogue excerpts

Sintering Guidelines For Labs Faster sintering made easy

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This guide takes you through the sintering p ­ rocess for Lava™ Zirconia. For more detailed inform­ tion, please refer a to the comprehensive equipment manual provided by DEKEMA and the Lava™ Furnace 200 Instructions for Use. Sintering Flexibility and Speed with the Lava™ Furnace 200 Lava™ Zirconia from 3M ESPE is formulated and processed with a methodology that is a trade secret. Sintering is critical to the final outcome of the zirconia properties. Lava™ frameworks and copings attain their exact dimensions, density and final strength during the sintering process. The sintering process is also...

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Specially-designed Accessories for the Lava™ System 3M ESPE worked with Dekema to customize the Austromat® µSiC high-temperature furnace for the Lava™ System. This means the Lava™ Furnace 200 comes pre-­ rogrammed with three p sintering programs for Lava™ Zirconia. In addition, the Lava furnace comes with 3M ESPE’s custom-designed accessories. These accessories are included in the starter kit with every furnace purchase and also can be ordered separately. Sintering Crucibles The sintering crucibles are made of Alumina (Al2O3 ) and designed in two parts—a ring and a plate. Tray Gripper Tool The...

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Preparing for the Sintering Process If you are shading your work, choose the desired color from the seven shades FS1 – FS7 of Lava™ Frame Shading Liquid. To dye to the prescribed shade, soak the restoration in the shading liquid as described in the Instructions for Use. To dry Lava™ copings and frameworks, place a small heat-­ esistant pad on your r work ­ urface. This will raise the sintering s trays from the counter so you can easily lift the trays. Place the plate of the sintering tray on the small heat-resistant pad. Then add the honeycomb sintering carrier. Add the frameworks and copings...

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Repeat the process two more times until you have three trays ready for sintering. Make sure the crucible windows are in alignment for easier loading and unloading. Lava™ Zirconia can be shaded in seven different colors: Place a new plate on top of the first crucible. Place ring around the plate. The crucible windows enable a “visual check” of the copings and frameworks when positioned properly. Sintered crowns and bridges can look similar. In order to easily identify your cases, record the placement of each case on the log sheet provided at the end of this guide. Continue to fill the honeycomb...

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Sintering with Lava™ Zirconia Lava™ Classic Total time 8 hours 30 min. Air Exchange 12 min. Sintering Cycle 4 hours 48 min. This cycle incorporates drying time for shaded copings and frameworks. Designed for automation or overnight use, this program dries copings and frameworks on the furnace lift. During the sintering cycle, the furnace will open to release the gases from the shading liquid that accumulate within the furnace. Lava™ Pre-dried Total time 5 hours Air Exchange 12 min. Sintering Cycle 4 hours 48 min. For shaded copings and frameworks that have already dried. This program allows you...

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Sintering To load the sintering trays into the ­urnace, use the specially-designed gripper tool made f for the Lava™ Furnace 200. You must load and unload the furnace one tray at a time. Please use crucibles when drying your work outside the furnace. Please note: Carefully stack each crucible onto the firing table of the furnace. The furnace will accommodate three crucibles. The top crucible should be covered during sintering. • If you want to sinter unshaded and shaded copings and frameworks together, you may sinter unshaded units with any of the three sintering ­ programs. The extra ­ rying...

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Program Display The following figure shows the display of the USB terminal with the program display. Temperature in the firing chamber Provisional duration or residual time of firing program Date of firing furnace control Time of firing furnace control Program name Command lines. Depends on the current menu of the firing oven control: • hile the program is running: W Current command and its duration or remaining runtime is shown.

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Function Keys You can use the function keys of the USB terminal to execute the basic functions for operating the firing furnace. ■ Press once: The lift moves upward. ■ Press again: The lift stops moving. Advances one position forward ■ Goes back one position in the program memory. ■ Prematurely terminates the program. ■ Emergency off function: Press this to end al current commands. ■ To turn on and off in standby: Press the key and hold it for about five seconds. DENTAL LAeOP-ATOfilES For more informations, refer to the manual from DEKEMA.

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Sintered crowns and bridges can look alike. In order to easily identify your cases, record the placement

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Log Sheet Sintered crowns and bridges can look alike. In order to easily identify your cases, record the placement of each case. Date:

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Advanced Techniques: Optimizing Drying Time Outside the Furnace You can calculate the drying time needed for your conditions using the instructions below. If you choose not to calculate this time, allow 3.5 hours for drying. Please refer to the Lava™ Furnace 200 Instruction for Use for more information. Drying temperature Achieve 8.5 % weight loss • Without additional airflow: 20° C – 30° C • With additional airflow (e. g., drying cabinet or fan): 20° C – 25° C Protecting copings and frameworks • To protect the units from dust (especially glass dust) by covering the sintering tray with a ­ reathable...

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