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Lava Scan ST Brochure
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Catalogue excerpts

Scan ST Design System

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A Journey That Starts with a Precise Scanner Full contour CAD/ CAM restoration Lava™ Zirconia restoration, porcelain work created with the Lava™ Digital Veneering System.2 For quality and productivity, this is the complete package. The first Lava™ Scanner was developed to be a digital design aid for milling centers. Today, our second-generation scanner is something far greater: a gateway to complete zirconia and metal restoration production. Starting with a precise, high-quality scanner, the Lava™ System now allows you to take any of several routes to your destination. You can choose many materials....

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Better marginal fit versus competitive systems. Marginal gap of 3-unit bridges scanned and milled with different systems. The Lava™ System and zirconia materials show a good marginal fit in comparison to competitors. F. Beuer et al., University 2 of Munich. CAD Design Productive, proven Lava™ Scan ST Design System. Third party devices Compatible with selected wax/ resin printers and metal lasersintering machines. Sintering Process High-temperature, high-speed Lava™ Furnace 200. Other scanner output Lava scanner output Versatile, easy-to-operate Lava™ CNC 500 Milling Machine. Scanner accuracy:...

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Software that Guides You, Step by Step Next >> Mouse-based design. It’s easy to modify your designs by simply moving the arrows you like. Designed by dental technicians for dental technicians. We understand you have work to do. That’s why our software development is guided by dental technicians instead of software architects. Our goal is to continually make our system easy and efficient to use. Even our first version of Lava™ Design Software was designed to take dental technicians through the process step by step. This philosophy continues to be appreciated by new and experienced users alike....

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Support traditional processes. If you prefer to design a wax-up, you can simply scan in your wax-up for milling. Automatically place cement gap.2 When desired, it is easy to reposition the cement gap to ensure proper fit. Fine tune connectors.2 You can use the virtual wax knife tool to fine tune your connectors for more esthetic outcomes. To assure proper design, you can measure the connector cross section in every position. Virtual wax knife tool. It’s easy to fine tune your design with our wax knife tool. You can easily add or remove the exact amount of wax that you need. Offer a wide range...

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Design a Lava™ Zirconia coping and glass ceramic final contour for production 1 with the Lava™ CNC 500 milling machine. Design full contour. Design a wax pattern coping and final contour for production with the Lava CNC 1 500 milling machine. Reduce automatically to coping. Design full contour. Reduce automatically to coping. Selectively open architecture can take you there. The Lava™ Scan ST Design System now does more than create Lava™ Zirconia restorations. You can also use an optional software module to transfer designs for metal restorations and wax/resin patterns to selective third party...

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Design wax/resin patterns for production with selective wax/resin printers. Design full contour. Design metal substructures with selective laser-sintering printers. Reduce automatically to coping. Data is sent through the Lava Connect Portal to a compatible printer.1 Data is sent through the Lava Connect Portal to a compatible printer.2 Reduce automatically to coping.. “ e have found that due to the high quality of the scan input from the W Lava Scan ST, the precision of the wax patterns are much higher than what we got previously with our other scanner.” Dick Pilsner, President, D&S Dental Lab...

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Design abutment and coping with just one scan. Since both are made from Lava Zirconia, your implant abutment and your coping can be the same shade. To create the abutment, Lava zirconia is cemented to a titanium interface. This enables compatibility with a wide variety of implant systems. ™ Customize easily. Abutment shapes are easy to customize. And when your design is produced on the new Lava™ CNC 500 Milling Machine,1 the screw hole is automatically milled into the abutment. You can design your own customshaded abutment with Lava zirconia or you can scan your model and order a titanium, gold-shaded...

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Optimal porcelain support. Adapt to adjacent teeth. The full contour design is cut back to create an anatomically designed coping. This provides optimal support for your veneering. Just use the bite registration to reposition the cusps. The cusps can then be digitally “trimmed” to fit the bite with just one click. It’s easy to adapt the full contour of the design to the size and contour of the adjacent teeth. Full Contour Design A standard point of origin. Flexibility at every turn. Lava™ Design Software 5.01 allows you to digitally create a full contour design by customizing the tooth shape provided....

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Design full contour. 1 Full Contour Production Lava™ Digital Veneering System.1 A faster path to beauty. Today, it’s not enough to offer high esthetics and strong clinical performance. You also need a system that is flexible, easy to use and improves productivity. In other words, a system that supports your business needs and clinical outcomes. The Lava™ Digital Veneering System has been designed to do both. Supported by full contour Lava™ Design Software and the Lava™ CNC 500 milling machine, this system will enable you to produce esthetically pleasing, digitally precise porcelain work that is...

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The software allows you to individually adapt to opposing and adjacent teeth. Additional features allow control of emergence profile, cusp position Reduce automatically Anatomically designed coping provides optimal support for porcelain work. Create final restoration. Fuse both parts. Mill both materials. It's easy to characterize the crown with This step can be done by the Mill the coping from Lava zirconia. shades, stains and glaze. milling center or by their dental Mill the porcelain work from Lava lab customers. It's easy to do DVS materials on the Lava CNC 500 with Lava DVS Fusion Porcelain....

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