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Catalogue excerpts

Automatic Mixing Unit The fastest automatic mixer in the universe

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Twice as Fast Take the strain and uncertainty out of mixing impression materials. Experience the speed, ease and accuracy of the Pentamix™ 3 Automatic Mixing Unit from 3M ESPE. With the touch of a button, it mixes and dispenses a completely homogeneous mix – free of voids that interfere with the accuracy of impression detail and the fit of the restoration. And because it’s fully automatic, it reduces strain on dental assistants, too. Gain more working time with the fastest mixer on the market. The Pentamix 3 unit mixes and dispenses all your favorite 3M ESPE impression materials – even putty –...

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Convenient gauge allows you cartridge is getting low without opening the cover of the machine Product name, working/setting times are visible, even when the device cover is closed Easy cartridge exchange Easy to attach mixing tip without opening device cover Push-buttons on left and right side allow for easy operation Appealing sleek design Save valuable counter space with The Pentamix 3 unit helps you make the most of your valuable office space with the smallest footprint Volume™ Mixer Whether you're working with limited space or just want to completely free up your counter space, the wall-mount design...

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Products designed for the way you like to work … For every clinical situation, you’ll find a 3M ESPE polyether or VPS impression material designed to suit your technique and procedure. Choose from a wide range of viscosities and set/working times – in both cartridge and Penta™ deliveries. More proven solutions brought to you by 3M ESPE, the worldwide leader in impression materials. Ordering Information Item # Product Information Pentamix™ 3 Automatic Mixing Unit Dimension™ Penta™ H Cartridge, Green Pentamix™ 3 Wall Mount Kit Dimension™ Penta™ H Quick Cartridge, Light Green 50 Penta™ Mixing Tips,...

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