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Catalogue excerpts

Automatic Mixing Unit Technical Data Sheet

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Pentamix™ Lite Automatic Mixing Unit – from the inventor of automatic mixing Since the introduction of the first impression materials decades ago, 3M ESPE has constantly improved and expanded its impressioning portfolio. Today, it offers a variety of high-performance vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) and polyether impression materials, fast and easy-to-use mixing devices, and other impression-related products and accessories, as well as a digital impression solution. Numerous awards from trade publications and positive customer feedback agree: All 3M ESPE products are designed to make reliably accurate...

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Add unique product features to the benefits of automatic mixing The newcomer, Pentamix™ Lite Automatic Mixing Unit, is the entry model to the world of automatic mixing – with a convenient mixing speed that is perfectly suited for beginners or dental practices that make numerous impressions every day. The Pentamix Lite mixing unit is designed to work with all 3M ESPE Penta™ Impression Materials – from high-viscosity putty to medium-bodied materials – and consistently delivers a homogeneous, reproducible mixing quality for void-free impressions. The mixing unit set-up is fast and intuitive: Just...

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Automatic mixing – fast, precise and convenient Dental professionals increasingly prefer automixing of impression materials using an automix device such as the Pentamix™ System over hand- or even gun-mixing. When it comes to accuracy of impressions and final restorations, simplified work procedures and higher productivity, using an automatic mixing unit offers significant clinical and practice management advantages: • HOMOGENEOUS AND VOID-FREE MIXING RESULTS of reproducible quality (Fig. 1) • FAST, TIME-SAVING procedure and push-button activation • ECONOMICAL and exact dispensing of the amount...

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Fast and intuitive set-up and use 2. nsert Penta™ Foil Bag with I the 3M ESPE impression material of your choice into the cartridge. 3. nsert the cartridge into the I Pentamix™ Lite Automatic Mixing Unit. 4. Turn the wheel (piston) forward. 5. Attach a Penta™ Mixing Tip – Red. 6. lose the latch with an C audible click. 7. ress the green start button to fill the impression tray or P elastomer syringe. Space-saving, compact design With its unique swivelling design, the Pentamix Lite mixing unit can be moved into the upright standby position (Fig. 2) if not in use, so that it requires only minimal...

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Unique handgrip and light weight With an integrated ergonomic handgrip on the rear of the device (Fig. 6) and a reduced weight of only 14.8 lbs. (6.7 kg) (Fig. 7) the Pentamix™ Lite Automitic Mixing Unit is easy to carry from one operatory to another when desired or store away when not in use. It is therefore the ideal solution for practices with multiple operatories. Fig. 6: Integrated handgrip on the rear of the device. Pentamix™ Lite Automatic Mixing Unit (3M ESPE) Duomix™/ Duomix™ II (Dentsply) Dynamix®/ Dynamix® speed (Heraeus Kulzer) 2 0 Pentamix™ 3 Pentamix™ 2 Automatic Mixing Unit Automatic...

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Excellent results from the application test To test how customers perceive the new Pentamix™ Lite Automatic Mixing Unit, 3M ESPE conducted a test with 32 randomly chosen dentists (making over 630 impressions) from the U.S., India, France, Poland, and the U.K., who are currently not using an automatic mixing device. Testers especially valued the easy handling (Fig. 9), the better quality of the final impressions due to homogeneously mixed, void-free impression materials (Fig. 10) and the time savings (Fig. 11). Over 90% of the testers are very satisfied or satisfied with the Very satised/satised...

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Technical Data Operating mode: Suitable for use with Penta™ foil bags Dimensions: 60 × 130 mm, 26.8 × 130 mm All parts of the housing are made of impact-resistant plastic Power supply: Power input: Ambient temperatures: Working position: L 396 mm × W 265 mm × H 305 mm Standby position: L 165 mm × W 265 mm × H 406 mm Emission sound pressure level: References “Ask Dr. Christensen”, Gordon J. Christensen, Dental Economics, April 2002. “ Assessment of preference of mixing techniques and duration of mixing and tray loading for two viscosities of vinyl polysiloxane material”, J. Nam, A.J. Raigrosdki,...

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