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Catalogue excerpts

RelyX Fiber Post ™ Glass Fiber Post RelyX Unicem 2 Automix ™ Self-Adhesive Resin Cement Self-Adhesive Resin Cement An easy system for cementing posts with reliable results

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Easy. Reliable. RelyX ™ Fiber Post is designed to make excellent clinical results easy to achieve. Why switch from metal to fiber posts? Clinical research, noted in the graph at the right, verifies how much Elasticity Modulus (GPa) of Dentin and Post Materials more similar the elasticity of RelyX Fiber Post is to human dentin than is the elasticity of metal and ceramic posts – which means a much lower risk of root fracture due to the “wedge effect.” Dentin RelyX™ Fiber Posts If endodontic retreatment is required, it’s reassuring to know Titanium Alloy Posts (95-105) Zirconia & Stainless Steel...

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The RelyX™ Unicem system makes An enhanced solution that delivers cementing a post fast, easy and reliable, clinical results. The RelyX Unicem 2 Automix cement combined with its endo tip is designed to reach into the root canal, so you can apply cement in the canal from bottom to top. This greatly reduces the chance of air pockets and voids, resulting in outstandingly strong and virtually void-free post cementation. Convenience and reliability ... without compromise The combination of a strong post with a dentin like flex and a convenient delivery helps ensure the clinical success Post placement...

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Our post and cement make it stronger. Our system makes it easy. RelyX ™ Fiber Post is a strong, yet simple solution for cementing posts. First, prepare canal for post placement procedure. 2. Attach the RelyX™ Unicem Aplicap™ Elongation Tip to the applicator. Listen for an ™ Unicem 1. Activate the RelyX audible “click.” ™ Capsule Cement Aplicap and mix for 10 seconds in the RotoMix™ Capsule Mixing Unit from 3M ESPE – or 15 seconds at highest speed in other units. 3. Apply cement in the root canal from bottom to top. Keep tip immersed in the cement initially, and then during the entire cementation...

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