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Intraoral Repair and Surface Pre-treatment Reliable pretreatment and repair that creates strong bonds. Summary of advantages • deal for pre-treatment I of resin nano ceramics, ceramics, composites, all porcelain-fused-to-metals, alumina and zirconia • xcellent choice for E intraoral repair and extraoral surface conditioning • ighly esthetic repair of resin H nano ceramic, ceramic or composite restorations • conomical alternative to E replacing the restoration • epairs can be made in R one session • orms a micro-mechanical F and a chemical bond with resin nano ceramics, ceramics and alloys The CoJet System delivers consistent high bond strength for: Intraoral repair of composites, resin nano ceramics, ceramics and alloy surface of indirect and direct restorations, as well as; Extraoral pre-treatment of inlays/onlays, veneers, crowns and bridges, and pins and posts for adhesive luting. Blasting with the CoJet system embeds a ceramic layer on the restoration surface, producing dramatically enhanced bond strengths. Embedded ceramic layer enables silane coupling with composite for a true chemical bond with ceramics, resin nano ceramics, composites and alloy surfaces. This innovative system allows for highly esthetic chairside repairs of direct and indirect restorations, providing an economical alternative to replacing the restoration. Plus, repairs can be made in o

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How Tribochemical coating with the CoJet™ System works. Shear Bond Strength (MPa) I highly recommend CoJet because it’s versatile, durable, and easy to use — even inside the oral cavity. CoJet’s excellent bond strength to metal-oxide ceramics and metal-alloys is proven in numerous studies. CoJet is ideal when composite resins are bonded to metal-oxide ceramics and metal, or when composite resin luting agents are Bond Strength to Cements after Abrasion and/or Silica-coating (CoJet) used for final cementation of such restorations. Results from the study show that CoJet and silanization...

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