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Catalogue excerpts

Legendary A-dec Reliability You can count on A-dec equipment to work when you do. Innovative Engineering Legendary A-dec reliability starts with our design philosophy― create innovative, feature-rich products without complication. The result? Easy-to-use equipment that lasts longer and requires less service. Built to Last Reliable components on the inside and attention to detail on the outside. With A-dec 500 you get equipment that looks beautiful and works consistently. Day after day. Year after year.

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Dental Team Comfort For quality of life, productivity, and career longevity, comfort while you perform your work is essential. Comfortable Access Designed with an ultra-thin backrest, a slim-profile headrest, and a low base down point, the A-dec 500 chair provides you and your dental team with ergonomic access to the oral cavity. Healthy Solution The ultra-thin backrest enables you to work in a comfortable position–legs under the patient, elbows at your side. The thin backrest also “flexes” so you can comfortably tuck your knees under the chair―no hard metal back. With your legs under the patient,...

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Patient Comfort Your patients will feel like the A-dec 500 chair was designed just for them. The Science of Comfort Get superior patient comfort without thick upholstery. The science of pressure mapping provides comfortable cushioning for your patient without sacrificing access to the oral cavity. For added comfort, the virtual pivot keeps the patient from having to readjust when the chair seat and back are in motion. Relaxed Patient Experience When your patients feel comfortable, anxiety is reduced. They feel more at ease, creating a calming, more relaxed patient experience.

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A-dec 500 Delivery System: Powerful and Sophisticated Expansive integration. Unsurpassed ergonomics. A‑dec 500 delivery systems provide you with internal integration of all your instruments and ancillaries so you can work efficiently and comfortably. What you get: • Standard 4-position control block • Control head accommodates four integrated ancillaries • Choice of Continental or Traditional system with pivoting chair mount for easy left/right conversion • Continental whips with side-to-side movement • Traditional system with independently adjustable handpiece holders • Two control brake handles...

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A-dec 300 Delivery System: Compact and Versatile Small and easy to maneuver. The A-dec 300 Radius®-style delivery system on the A-dec 500 chair is an ideal solution for premium chair comfort and versatile integration in a compact system. What you get: • Standard 3-position control block or optional 4-position • Control head accommodates two integrated ancillaries • Choice of Continental or Traditional Radius-style system with left/right conversion • Continental whips — no side-to-side movement • Traditional system with fixed-position handpiece holders • One brake handle standard, optional second...

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Technology Integration With handpieces and ancillary devices integrated into your delivery system, equipment is right where you need it for increased efficiency and reduced fatigue. Plus, operatory clutter is reduced. Countertops are clear. No more separate boxes, additional wiring, or cumbersome tubing. Upgradable The sophisticated platform integrates the technology you need now plus future technology. Fingertip Control Expand functionality even further with the A-dec deluxe touchpad. It conveniently controls your handpieces and integrated ancillaries.

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A-dec 500 Deluxe Touchpad. Control all your equipment including A-dec 300 Deluxe Touchpad. Besides a syringe and handpieces, you intraoral camera, ultrasonic instrument, curing light, and up to two can control up to two accessories (including two electric motors). electric motors. Endodontic capabilities require an A-dec EA-52LED electric motor. Endodontic features include programmable speed and torque settings, auto-sensing with auto-forward, auto-stop, and auto-reverse, (shown)

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Increased Productivity Besides chair-mounted delivery solutions, we also offer cabinet-mounted systems. Quickly access everything you need with minimal movement when you combine the A-dec 500 12 o’clock delivery system with Preference Collection® furniture. A-dec 500 12 O’Clock Delivery System Get the flexibility to place your instruments precisely where you want them, while keeping them out of your patients’ direct view. Preference Collection 5580 Treatment Console The 5580 storage options bring equipment and supplies within arms’ reach. This eliminates the need for you or your assistant to get...

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Ergonomic and Efficient Accommodating your assistant is key since most procedures start and stop here. A-dec 500 12 O’Clock Assistant’s Instrumentation With so many positioning options, assistants can adjust their instruments for maximum comfort and increased efficiency. Instrumentation rotates around the pivoting, height-adjustable worksurface. Holders independently adjust with four vertical pivot points.

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Total Waterline Maintenance Solution A-dec offers everything you need for worry-free waterline maintenance: 2-liter Water Bottle The water bottle design includes an integrated pickup tube, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination. The quick-disconnect fitting makes the bottle easier to remove and replace. A-dec ICX® Waterline Treatment Tablets No measuring, mixing, or mess. The ICX tablet releases ingredients into the water to maintain dental unit waterlines and prevent accumulation of odor and foul taste bacteria.*

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A-dec 500 Delivery System Control Block The unique water-flow system eliminates dead ends that can harbor stagnant water where bacteria can grow. Antimicrobial AlphaSan® Tubing This tubing offers protection against microbial colonization on the interior and exterior surfaces. This helps control odor, foul-taste bacteria, and tubing deterioration. * As with all waterline protocols, quality results require adherence to the manufacturer’s recommended process.

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