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Catalogue excerpts

The difference is in the details. When we design, assemble or test a product, it’s always with the question, “What can we do better?” That means paying attention to every bolt, tube and stitch. In the end, it’s all of these little things that make a big difference. Unique Design Pure Innovation Scientific Support Unparalleled Testing A-dec’s unique control block is engineered with patient health in mind. Clean water circulates every time you activate a handpiece, eliminating trapped, stagnant water. A-dec syringe tips are made from solid brass and copper to resist corrosion and ensure simple,...

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Premium Performance. Ultimate Comfort.

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Meticulous Craftsmanship A-dec scrupulously carries out impeccable standards of quality and craftsmanship from start to finish. You see it in the design. You feel it in the performance. And you depend on it for the life of your practice. Flexible Integration A-dec products are engineered to last and last, but technology is ever changing. A forward-thinking flexible design incorporates plug and play spaces into the delivery system for future technology, existing or not. Unsurpassed Access It’s all about having a clear view, with everything you need at your fingertips. An ultra-thin back and headrest...

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Purposeful design means lasting performance. There is a delicate balance between design and over-designed. It's a matter of indulging in luxury and beauty, without sacrificing functionality and longevity.

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Refined engineering. A-dec 500 is built for productivity and precision. Meticulous craftsmanship and smart engineering have made it number one among dentists every year since its 2004 introduction. Dependable functionality. At A-dec, we design and manufacture our own parts so we can control quality. Our hydraulic lift cylinder is backed by a 10-year warranty, and made for a 20-year life. Streamlined aesthetics. With a gentle curve under the knees and back that fully supports the patient without sacrificing thinness and access, the A-dec 500 is undoubtedly engineered for comfort.

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Efficient Positioning. Seamless Integration. True integration places everything within reach. A-dec 500 delivery systems seamlessly integrate everything you need to work efficiently, with ultimate comfort for you and your team. The platform is easy to upgrade, so you can embrace new technology. As for delivery style, the choice is yours: rear, side or Radius®.

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Easily integrate ancillaries. Effortlessly integrate all of your clinical devices into your delivery system control head: from the intraoral camera and ultrasonic instrument, to curing light and electric motor. Access your environment. The deluxe touchpad lets you access the lights, integrate devices, chair and all you need to control your operatory from a single touchpoint. With the A-dec Relay, create greater flexibility with non-dental electrical components at the press of an auxillary button. Achieve meticulous control. With the lever foot control option, a slight, natural shift of the foot...

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Easy Access. Optimal Visibility. Get a better view from any angle. There is a delicate balance between positioning patients for optimal access to the oral cavity and keeping them comfortable and supported. The A-dec 500 unassumingly does both.

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Get closer. An ultra-thin back and headrest allow you to work in a comfortable position— legs under the patient, elbows at your side. Adjust easily. The double-articulating headrest moves with your patient for comfort and support. From your angle, gaining optimal access to the oral cavity is as easy as pressing the headrest adjustment lever. Compact footprint. A small footprint and cut-away, cast iron baseplate lets you roll your stool closer to the patient. With six contact points, it’s extra stable even on irregular floors.

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Intuitive Ergonomics. Lasting Health. Physical comfort when you're working (and when you're not). Statistics prove that your profession takes a toll on your body. We keep that in mind with every chair and delivery system we design, applying new findings and features to help you work efficiently and effectively, but also comfortably. After all, we know that feeling good and doing what you want in your time out of the office counts, too.

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Accommodate all heights. An adjustable, expanded height range goes from 31.5" (800 mm) all the way down to a lowpoint of 13.5" (343 mm). Anyone on your team can work comfortably, regardless of size. Maintain a healthy posture. Add an A-dec 500 performance stool for ultimate comfort and support. Based on a unique dynamic seating design, the stools feature individual performance zones that work in unison to conform and fit you and your every move. Rotate with a swivel. 60° chair swivel with brake allows 30° rotation on each side of center, so you can position your patients where you need them.

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The Latest Rendition of Comfort. So supportive and smooth, it feels custom made. There is so much about the A-dec 500 chair that makes the patient feel at ease. Take the pressure-mapped cushioning, for example. By reducing pressure points and streamlining support, A-dec engineers increased patient comfort across the entire body. With each chair adjustment, the virtual pivot synchronizes chair movements with the patient for ultimate comfort with a custom-made feel.

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Supportive head and neck rest. Double-articulating, gliding headrest moves with the patient to cradle the neck and head in comfort. Easy in, easy out. Multi-position armrests rotate out of the way to streamline patient entry and exit. Luxury experience. Innovative Comfort Ride hydraulic lift system results in gentle stops and starts during patient positioning. Coupled with the virtual pivot, which synchronizes movement with the natural motion of the patient, there’s no readjusting when the chair is lowered or raised. Instant comfort. Getting comfortable in the chair isn’t the patient’s responsibility....

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A Wise Investment. When you lose chair time, you lose income. A-dec has proven reliable time and time again, with fewer service calls and downtime. It's reliability that pays off in the long term. -1— Best in Quality 67% of dentists surveyed in a 2015 independent study voted A-dec best in quality. -<!>- Extra Reassurance The hydraulic lift components do the heavy lifting, so we backed them with a 10-year warranty. -<!>- Service Tech Approved 95% of service technicians from all dealers surveyed would recommend A-dec most highly to a dentist. -<!>- Simplified Maintenance A-dec designs with simplicity...

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