A-dec began with a simple make the best better idea: - 22 Pages

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A-dec began with a simple make the best better idea:
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Catalog excerpts

reliablecreative solutions BETTER DENTISTRY WORLDWIDE

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simple idea: make the best better . A-dec began with a Ken Austin Founder & Co-owner A-dec

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recognized innovators Thomas J. Giacobbi, DDS, FAGD Editorial Director, Dentaltown Magazine

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Community A-dec is a company born from family and born to lead. Ever since founders Ken and Joan Austin set out to make the best better, every A-dec patient chair, stool, delivery system, dental light, and cabinet have been part of a continuous story of quality through caring, one solution at a time. Our headquarters is in Newberg, Oregon, but our presence around the world puts us wherever you need us to be. From a campus of 50 acres, A-dec produces more dental chairs, delivery systems, and lights than any manufacturer in the world. And doing so without a single compromise to thoughtful design,...

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of customers like A-dec. It’s what makes A-dec Diaa Khreish Tamer Levant, Iraq

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Reliability What’s most reliable is the least complicated. It’s one of the reasons why A-dec product development teams keep an ongoing dialog with dental professionals. Only through asking and sharing and listening are we able to help simplify how dental teams perform at their very best

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solutions consistently A-dec creates and work that work, . Joseph D’Angelo, DDS LaJolla, California

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Innovation Consider one of A-dec’s prized innovations: the control block. At the heart of every A-dec delivery system is the industry’s most reliable engineering breakthrough, which begins with solid corrosion-resistant alloys to withstand years of constant use. The material is precisely machined with a proven configuration that requires very few parts. It’s designed with quickconnect fittings, and a flow-through water system that delivers trouble-free performance to the entire unit. Built to last? Yes. Simple? Very. Why? Because the people of A-dec are on a continuous mission to build the best...

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role right Scott Parrish President, A-dec

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Accountable Every detail matters. While many things in theory may be relative, our commitment to quality is absolute. In order to provide the most durable and reliable dental equipment in the world, A-dec makes sure that nearly everything that goes into A-dec solutions is manufactured by A-dec people. And by forming specialized work stations where a single individual performs an entire job, we’re assuring that quality begins and ends with a person, not a department. The outcome is a better product. Not only do the people of A-dec see and experience an unmistakable pride of ownership, but they’re...

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Roland Bryant, MDS, Ph.D. Professor, University of Sydney, Australia

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Global A-dec offers a lifetime of support for our products. You might say it’s a calling. Have a question about what to look for in a chair? Want the most efficient use of space? No matter how modest or grand the request, there’s an A-dec authorized specialist eager to learn more—and do more— before, during and long after installation of an A-dec solution. A-dec is wherever you need us to be. Aside from our U.S. headquarters, A-dec has locations in the United Kingdom, Australia, and China to serve a network of authorized dealers across more than 100 countries worldwide. As a result, a dentist...

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Responsive. Accessible. Informed. We’re wherever you need us to be. A-dec presence around the world.

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efficiency world When it comes to safety and ease, to see what A-dec is doing. Alexey Chernyshov President, Dentex, Moscow, Russia

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Because of ever-evolving markets, this list may be incomplete and subject to change. Argentina Gendarmeria Naciona Hospital Municipal Universidad de Buenos Aires Universidad de la Plata Australia Aboriginal Medical Service of Northern Territory Australian Capital Territory Health Adelaide Dental Hospital Australian Defense Forces Brisbane Dental Hospital Centre for Rural & Remote Oral Health Care of Western Australia Curtin University Hygiene School Dental Health Services of Queensland (School Dental) Dental Health Services of Western Australia Dental Health Services of Victoria Department of...

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Lebanon Beirut University St. Joseph University Lithuania Kaunas University, Kaunas Macedonia University Dental Clinics in Skopje Malaysia Alliance University Mahsa College Malaysian Armed Forces National Dental Health Centre Penang Dental Training College Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia Universiti Teknologi Mara University Kebangsaan Malaysia University Malaya Universiti Sains Malaysia Segi University College Mexico 3M Centro de Innovation Banjercito Centro de Nucleo Avanzado Centro Hospitalario del Estado Mayor Presidencial, CHEMP Clinica de Especialidades Odontologicas “Honorato Villacosta” Consejo...

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A-dec Headquarters 2601 Crestview Drive Newberg, Oregon 97132 USA Tel: 1.800.547.1883 within USA/CAN Tel: 1.503.538.7478 outside USA/CAN Fax: 1.503.538.0276 a-dec.com A-dec Australia Tel: 1.800.225.010 within AUS Tel: +61.(0)2.8332.4000 outside AUS A-dec China Tel: +1.503.538.7478 A-dec, the A-dec logo, A-dec 500, A-dec 300, Cascade, Cascade Master Series, Century Plus, Continental, Decade, ICX, ICV, Performer, Preference, Preference Collection, Preference ICC, and Radius are trademarks of A-dec Inc. and are registered in the United States and other countries. A-dec 400, A-dec 200, Preference...

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