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ACTEON LED Curing Lights

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ScapWave0/ i'inilED Although Camplxxocfjoooc (CO) a the most commonly uwO photo-initiator -n MAUt materials, CQ H used alone O' combined with ethers such as phen/propanedionc (PPO) «ivd/<x (term (TPO) reacting at different wavelengths. To activate them, they mint be provided with a sufficient quantity of light energy in the specific absorption spectrem.

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i n i L.E.O. .OEM Until now halogen-type tempi could only polymerize by producing a groat deal of heat for a few efficient wavelength! (on average SOmW/em' in the utilizabto wavelength). The rnaximur emitting ipectrum of halogen lamp! (over 180nm) it not relevant to the ept-mal absorption zone of the photo-initiators used in dentistry (appro». -110 to 4'Orvn). The latest generation LEO (Light Emitting Diode) curing lights offer aU that is e.pected of this new technology and the most recent design developed by SATElEC® combines power, efficiency and speed: • Its power (l.iSO-nW/em1) vs...

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OEM SAT ELEC® presents the Mini LED OEM* - a curing light using second generation L.E.O. (light emitting diode) technology. The emitting spectrum o 1 the blue light spans 420nm to 480nm, which makes the Mini L.E.D. one ol the only lights able to polymerize almost all types of composite material available today. It is delivered with a sterilizable 7.5mm universal light guide which generates a curing light density of 1,250 mW/cm! (t10%). A 5.5 mm light guide (BoosterTip) is available on option for high-power curing at 2,000 mW/cm: (t10%): particularly useful in orthodontics. Mini LED OEM"...

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Polymerization Modes /    is the only LEO lamp on the market offering such a wide emitting spectrum, allowing it to activate roost photo initiators of currently available composites: Camphoroquinone (470nm), but also PPO or PAD (4J0nm) PULSE MODE Emits 10 successive one-second flashes at Full Power, (audible signal after 5 flashes) I    is a veiy high-powered RAMPING MODE Emits 10 seconds of Progressing Power to 10 seconds of Full Po-wer. (Audible signal after 5 seconds) • 00v he*. rr+KC* CKSrt. CO S OO HG. KS. MO ftO. I « V* OXKAM *V3    t**X>

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The Mini LED ScanWave OEM™ activates att photosensitive materials used in the dental market due to its wide emitted spectrum spectrum of light (390 to 510 nm) and automatic Scan of the wavelengths which covers all photo-initiators. This extremely wide wavelength and high power (1,500 mW/cm1) allows the Mini LED ScanWave OEM" to cure: Restorative materials Bonding Adhesives and cements Glass ionomer Light cured resin dams Designed in cooperation with Dental Universities, the Mini LED ScanWave OEM" combines SATELEC® traditional features such as aluminum casing, a laser pointer allowing...

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Materials are changing... Modem dentistry involves adhesive dentistry. Advances in adhesion and in polymerization have made it possible to change everyday clinical practices. Various dental materials are currently used according to the clinical situations and the associated techniques. Restoration (Composite)

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ftctecth* v*rfe* ACT EON North America • 124 Gaither Drfv*. Suite 140 Meunt laurel. NJ 0805* Tel • (8C0) 289 6367* Fax • (856) 222 4726 E-mail: . ww/. acteomriA.c

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