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Catalogue excerpts

Expand your possibilities

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We've been partnering with doctors for over 45 years to produce reliable, creative dental solutions. Here are just a few of the reasons why so many dental professionals continue to choose A-dec. Quality and reliability. We have a reputation for creating the most durable and reliable dental equipment. This is due largely to our dedication to quality plus our focus on simple design, which results in robust equipment that requires minimal maintenance. Ergonomics and efficiency. A-dec offers a wide choice of equipment. No matter how you and your team work, we have solutions that maximise ergonomics...

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The nurse is cleaning and lubricating used (contaminated) handpieces. Push-to-open drawers enable easy access. Here, the nurse is placing a cassette into a soaking drawer. The conveniently placed dryer eliminates unnecessary touch points. Sterilisation Solutions An integral part of running an efficient and productive dental practice is your infection control system. The four-phase system uses designated areas, from reception of used instruments to sterilisation and storage — a process designed to reduce the risks of cross-contamination. Four-phase system includes: 1. Receiving and cleaning 2....

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Contained under the single countertop, the nurse is able to wrap the cassette for sterilisation. With a well-designed system, movement of items requires very little reaching or twisting. Here, the cassette is placed into the steriliser. Once the instruments are sterilised, they are placed in a securely sealed cabinet system.

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Add efficient functionality by minimizing touch points and streamlining workflow from treatment room to sterilisation centre and back to the treatment room.

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Protective Design Features Create an environment that gets the most of your space. Through thoughtful design, your staff is able to collect and replace materials without disturbing procedures. Shown is A-dec Preference ICC®, a system designed with foot/knee activated doors, waterproof shelves, optional hands-free dryer, and motion-activated soap dispensers to maintain a sterile environment with streamlined processes, procedures and storage. This system is designed to work in conjunction with procedure tubs for materials management and an efficient tray or cassette system, as well as cabinetry...

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Materials Management A materials management system works in harmony with the A-dec 12-o’clock treatment console. The optional upper storage area for prepared tubs, used tubs and instrument trays or cassettes allows the nurse to transfer materials from the treatment console to the circular work surface ready for use. Your instrument delivery should allow you to operate comfortably and efficiently while increasing the productivity of the entire dental team. Experts who study dental ergonomics have proven how persistent pain in the lower back, neck, shoulders, wrists and hands is due to the equipment’s...

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Think Differently Why not consider materials management from a different angle? The procedure tub provides a simple solution for storing consumable materials and transporting items from the sterilisation area to the treatment room and back again. Materials needed during a planned procedure are loaded directly in a central storage area and delivered from the tub to the user, keeping your procedure tray free for instrumentation. At the end of the day, materials are replenished and the tub is stored for future use. The colour coding system allows one tub for each procedure. Using a variety of components,...

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Dependable solutions designed for you Whether you’re looking to upgrade your delivery system or remodel your entire practice, there’s an A-dec solution designed to meet your current needs with the ability to easily upgrade as your practice grows and your needs change. Comfort-engineered chairs. Delivery systems with true integration. Lightweight handpieces and motors. Cabinetry that streamlines workflow. Discover proven solutions that expand your possibilities. A-dec 500 is an elegant display of innovation for dentists who prefer style, expect ergonomic efficiencies, and seek a solution that optimises...

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Did You Know? You can choose your own design! See the interactive colour tool at a-dec.color.com. The robust design of the A-dec 300 system provides fewer parts to maintain, fewer parts to replace, and less to clean. And yet there’s no compromise in comfort or lack of options to accommodate how you work.

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solution one Featured Equipment Configuration Benefits • A-dec 511 Chair (custom upholstery color; Sorbet, • Increased productivity with the rear treatment console, which allows an efficient flow of materials and instruments into and out of the treatment room special fees apply) • A-dec 532 Traditional Delivery System • A-dec 545 Nurse’s Unit • A-dec 561 Cuspidor and Support Center • A-dec 1601 Doctor’s Stool with ergonomic tilt • Preference Collection 5580.42 Treatment Console with solid surface countertop • Preference Collection 5531.58 Accessory Console • Extensive range of motion and positioning...

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solution two Featured Equipment Configuration Benefits • A-dec 311 Chair with double-articulating headrest • A-dec 300 offers a robust design, great access, and minimal maintenance at a value price • A-dec 334 Traditional Delivery System • A-dec 352 3-position telescoping Nurse’s Unit • A-dec 361 Support Center • A-dec 571-300 Dental Light • Preference Collection 5580.42 Treatment Console with solid surface countertop • Ample storage space for supplies and equipment in a compact, 2-handed treatment room • Everything you need to comfortably perform general restorative dentistry • Preference Collection...

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solution three Featured Equipment Configuration Benefits • The A-dec 500 chair is designed to position low enough so any doctor, regardless of height, can work in complete comfort • A-dec 533 Continental Delivery System • Preference Collection 5580.42 Treatment Console with solid surface countertop • Preference Collection 5531.58 (2) Accessory Consoles • Supple sewn upholstery to enhance the richness to the operatory • Left/right compatibility to ensure long-term adaptability

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