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Catalog excerpts

Dental cabinetry should do more than store ancillaries and supplies. It should increase productivity, streamline workflow and save precious time. Designed specifically to be an integral part of a total operatory management system, Preference by A-dec makes it all possible. A-dec has worked with the dental community creating solutions that make your job more efficient and less strenuous for more than 50 years. Our dental cabinetry is no exception. It’s easy to clean. Built to withstand the unique demands of an operatory. And requires no twisting or turning to reach ancillaries. Every precise detail...

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SWING-OUT SHELVES Rotate toward the operator for easy access to equipment. Treatment consoles Everything in its place and a place for everything. That’s exactly what you get with the Preference Collection 5580 treatment console. With a redesigned midsection, we’ve streamlined the appearance and functionality. With the center partition removed, we’ve opened up the usable space to accommodate a variety of larger ancillary devices. We’ve also increased the capacity of the wire chase making it easier to run cables or utilities through the cabinetry without cutting additional holes. Think about how...

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EQUIPMENT DRAWER Delivers ancillary devices right where you need them. The 5580 is built to work. Storage options bring equipment within arms' reach of you and your assistant. Everything is right there at your fingertips, including your round worksurface, so there's no stretching or straining to reach what you need. And, with passthrough storage options, you get a treatment console that creates a natural flow of materials into and out of the operatory. Think about the ideal environment to best serve you and your staff and ask yourself, isn't it time your space accommodated you instead of the other...

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UNDERMOUNT STAINLESS STEEL SINK Allows you to quickly and thoroughly wipe down the countertop. FOOT ACTIVATION Promotes infection control by eliminating a touch point. SOFT-CLOSE Gain the ease of doors and drawers gently opening and pulling themselves shut. CUP AND TOWEL DISPENSER Offers hidden, convenient access to cups and towels. Preference Collection 5543 tall central console CPU STORAGE Features a vent and USB powered fan for increased ventilation.

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Central consoles Increase efficiency, get the most out of your space, and save money. It’s easy thanks to the Preference Collection 5543 central console. Did you know? If you ever move offices, you can take Preference cabinetry with you—it’s moveable and resellable. Where there were once five treatment rooms, you can now fit six. In an open floor plan, our central consoles create a functional wall that allows you to share equipment, utilities, and a wash station between two treatment rooms. So, you not only save space, you reduce equipment expenses. And, if privacy is a concern, the 95" tall central...

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Preference Collection 5730 dispensing unit Preference Collection 5731 storage unit EQUIPMENT DRAWERS Offer excellent access to equipment and supplies. Preference Collection 5531 accessory console SOLID SURFACE SINK AND WASTE DROP Add a professional look and simplify cleaning.

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Accessory consoles In a fixed- or semi-walled floor plan, Preference Collection accessory consoles offer an abundance of storage, wash station, and delivery system options. Equipment and materials are well organized and easy to reach. The rounded and angled countertops allow clear access into the treatment room. Preference Collection upper storage and dispensing units keep cups, towels, and masks discreetly stored, creating a patient-friendly environment. Did you know? With built-in features such as task lighting, hospital-grade UL-listed electrical outlets, lead lining, sinks and faucets, Preference...

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Materials management Have you thought about what a streamlined flow of materials in and out of the treatment room could do for you? When you have an efficient materials management system in place, workflow becomes quick, consistent, and natural. Everything you need for a procedure is ready for you when you need it–every time. This is possible with a central storage system that combines both the Preference ICC sterilization center and the Preference Collection 5580 treatment console. In this streamlined process, materials and instruments are loaded directly from Preference ICC into tubs and trays...

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Did you know? Studies have shown that six minutes are lost every time an assistant leaves the operatory. If he or she leaves the room ten times a day, that’s 60 minutes: The equivalent of one patient time slot. Think what you could accomplish by gaining just 10 percent more time in your day. Preference ICC sterilization center featuring the award-winning Lisa Sterilizer and Assistina handpiece maintenance system.

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Sure a custom cabinetmaker or contractor can build storage cabinets for you. But in the operatory, you have specific needs. A-dec has listened to doctors tell us what’s most important to them for more than four decades. The result is dental cabinetry built specifically for the way you work—right down to the last detail. Asepsis. The seamless blend between the solid surface sink and countertop, all the way to the backsplash, won’t collect dirt to further simplify cleaning. Knee- or foot-activation systems allow you to turn faucets on and off without using your hands. And with new soft-close doors...

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Did you know? The cost of including cabinets in your lease over time is far more expensive than buying them outright, and you own them in the end.

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Create a beautiful finish Good use of color creates a mood and keeps the room visually balanced. When it comes to style, no two practices are exactly the same. No matter what combination you choose from our broad palette of laminate and solid surface colors, including our new quartz collection, Preference Collection ensures a functional, beautiful operatory for years to come. If there’s something you don’t see in our Preference line, we can develop a solution just for you with Preference Custom. Like what you’ve seen? For a closer look, order upholstery, laminate, solid surface, and quartz color...

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