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Model 3300 - 2 Pages

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Model 3300
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Catalog excerpts

• 6-band equalizer for custom sound • Two input signals • Independent gain amplifier • Earphone jack silences speaker when used • Notch filter to eliminate line frequency noise • Includes rack mount hardware The Model 3300 Audio Monitor is a high-quality audio amplifier designed to transform electrophysiological signals into sounds. This amplifier features a built-in 6-band audio equalizer that enables the user to tailor the audio performance to their personal satisfaction, a high-fidelity quality speaker, a dedicated notch filter designed to minimize noise interference generated by power lines, a headphone jack, and an BNC line out jack that enables the the Model 3300 to be used as a signal amplifier prior to subsequent processing by other instruments. The instrument can be placed on a lab bench with its built-in metal stand, or it can be mounted in any industry standard equipment rack. The Model 3300 Audio Monitor is a cost effective research grade instrument that can easily double for teaching applications. Gain Sensitivity Input impedance Max Input (before line-out clips) Max Input (before speaker clips) Frequency Range Boost/Cut Frequencies Nominal Boost and Cut References    Gheshmy A et al. (2007) Afferent input modulates the chronic hypercapnia-induced increase in respiratory-related central pH/CO2 chemosensitivity in the cane toad (Bufo marinus). JExp Biology 210:227-237 Goense JBM and Feng AS (2005) Seasonal changes in frequency tuning and temporal processing in single neurons in the frog auditory midbrain. J Neurobiol 65(1): 22-36 Ordering    For use on 220 V / 50 Hz power systems:    Product #940005 Country-specific power cords are not supplied. Information    For use on 110 V / 60 Hz power systems:    Product #940000 All units include a product manual and rack mounts.

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The Model 2700 Glass Electrode R/C Meter is a precision instrument for measuring both the resistance and capacitance of glass electrodes. The R/C properties of glass intracellular, extracellular, and ion-selective electrodes can be measured form 10 kohms to 999 megohms. Using capacity compensation, a digital display will indicate the capacitance of your electrode. Monitoring the test signal output can reveal the signal attenuation properties of the electrode under test. The values of the resistance and capacitance are displayed on a digital meter for easy reading. The Model 2700 Glass Electrode...

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