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2016 Feb Core Catalog - 108 Pages

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2016 Feb Core Catalog
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Catalog excerpts

Overhead LCD Mounts Single, Dual, Triple & Quad, available MRI-Safe® Pg. 28 AMX DR Portable Solution Pg. 9 Pressure Injector Mounts available MRI-Safe® Pg. 26 Procedure Lamps include our Compact LED Lamps Available MRI-Safe® Pg. 34 Innovative Quality Solutions for Medical Imaging Ultrasound Imaging Equipment Pg. 11 - 13 Vertex™ Vertex™ Dual Post & Diving Board Imaging Tables Pg. 14 - 15

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Innovative Products Visual Index Digital Imaging Equipment LaserX™ C-arm Image Intensifier Aimer Pg.17 Vertex™ C-arms with 15 Kw and 20 Kw Generators. American Designed, Engineered & Assembled. Pg 4 - 5 Easy-Grip C-arm Handles Pg. 16 Disposable Monitor Screen Protectors Pg. 18 Digital Radiography Vertex™ DR Imaging Systems. Pg 6 - 9 DR Retro-Fits for Imaging Equipment,& Portables Pg 8 Re-manufactured DR Equipped AMX Portables Pg 9 Ultrasound Equipment Portable & Console, Hospital/Office Pg 11 -13 Sterile Band & Dome Bags for Equipment Draping Pg. 19 Our American Designed & Engineered Hercules®...

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Innovative Products Visual Index Innovative RayShield® Radiation Protection Mobile Barriers, Interventional Barriers, Overhead Barriers & Shields, Control Booth Panels, Pg. 36 - 41 RayShield® Undertable X-ray Protection Available MRI-Safe® Pg. 42 - 43 X-Trak™ Ask about our FREE Tablet Giveaway Advanced RayShield® & ErgoLite® X-ray Aprons & Accessories Pg. 54 - 73 Apron Racks 74 - 75 Our X-Trak® Intelligent Mobile X-ray Apron Tracking System Truly Makes Your Job Easier! Pg. 107 Disposable RayShield® Procedure Gloves Pg. 76 RayShield® CT Disposable Shields Pg. 77 Personal Protection X-Drape® Sterile...

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About Vertex C-arms • Designed in USA • Engineered by Americans • USA built premium software • Supported by a USA based team of Software Engineers. • Proudly Assembled in the USA Featuring a 15kW High Performance Mono-Block Generator with matched performance Rotating Anode X-ray Tubes. These C-arm systems provide high performance pulse fluoroscopy for crisp imaging and ALARA dose savings. All Vertex C-arms feature 135 degree orbital rotation and generous 33 inches free space, rotating touch screen control tablet on the C-arm, with customizable menus & controls. Our Vertex USA built premium software...

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Vertex 2099 Compact C-arm The Vertex Compact is the only Compact C-arm with 15kW High Performance Mono-Block Generator and matched performance Rotating Anode X-ray Tube. The Vertex Compact C-arm provides high performance pulse fluoroscopy and cine modes for ALARA low radiation dosage. The Vertex Compact features all the specifications of our Vertex 2099 but without the added bulk of a monitor cart. The Vertex Compact form factor includes two 19" LCDs with optional touch screen capability, rotating touch screen control tablet on the C-arm, with customizable menus & controls. The counter-poised...

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Vertex™ Optima Straight-Arm DR System Vertex™ Optima Straight-arm Universal Radiographic System with Digital Flat Panel Detector. The Vertex™ Optima Straight Arm is a totally integrated system combines the modern technology of a High Frequency X-Ray Generator with Digital Flat Panel technology for Direct Digital Image acquisition; all designed with user-friendly, intuitive operation system for easy positioning of any patient. Positioning control for all movements is available on a 6” color Touch Screen console and 12 key wireless control pad, enabling control of SID distance, height of swivel...

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Vertex™ U-arm DR Plus Vertex Motorized U-arm Universal Radiographic System with Digital Flat Panel Detector. Our Vertex U-arm DR Plus is a general digital radiographic system designed for maximum flexibility with intuitive controls for optimum workflow and clinical productivity. It can easily perform the full range of radiographic studies for ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients, standing, seated or tabletop, including all general radiographic procedures and trauma applications. This totally integrated system combines the modern technology of a High Frequency X-Ray Generator with Digital Flat...

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Vertex™ Retro-Fit DR Solutions Improve your workflow with Vertex™ Retro-fit DR Solutions. Vertex™ Portable and Wireless DR Solutions Portable and Wireless Detector with AED (Auto-Exposure Detection) Easy to Interface with Generator Catalog # DR- 800 Call for Info & Pricing Flat Panel Imager FPI Our Advanced 43cm x 43cm FPI is designed specifically for medical radiographic diagnostic Systems. • Featuring excellent image quality with Cesium Iodide (CsI) X-ray scintillator. • High Resolution and High DQE CsI Phosphor Screen – • TETD has long fine and thick pillar structure of CsI • The phosphor screen...

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Our AMX Portable Solution converts your tired old AMX portable to a DR Equipped fully remanufactured AMX Portable with TWO Year Warranty including the X-ray Tube, for less than you'd expect. Built Wth QuBlityl Backs* With Cantidencsl introduce the first DR Ready Portable which can be used with SOFTWARE INDICATES OVER/UNDER EXPOSURE DUAL MONITORS STORES LAST 100 IMAGES ROOMS ALSO BATTERIES LAST 18 HOURS Call for Info & Pricing

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Vertex™ Plus Digital Radiographic System Vertex™ Plus DR is an integrated radiographic system. Ideal for all digital and conventional applications. Featuring automatic procedure programming and precise synchronized motor control of its mechanical components. The system is composed of a High Frequency Generator, Radiography Table, and Wall Bucky. Designed for flexibility and friendly use in all general digital radiography procedures, it can also be custom-configured to your specific clinical requirements, including: chest, spine, complete skeletal, abdominal, urological and tomography studies (with...

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i8, ALL In One Ultrasound i8, ALL In One Ultrasound Beyond Your Expectations The i8 is a new generation ultrasound system. Integrated with advanced technology superior image quality and ergonomic design, i8 provides you with comfortable and efficient scanning experience. The shared service configuration allows you to easily select any of many clinical applications including ABD, OB/GYM, Cardiology, Vascular, Small Parts, Breast, and MSK. Offers •Superior Image Quality •Four Chamber View, B/BC Mode •29 Weeks Fetal Face, 4D Mode •Subscapularis Tendon, B Mode •Fetus, 2B Mode •Four Chambers View,...

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