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Ayres' Spatula Non-Sterile - 1 Pages

Solução em Termoplástico Injetado
Qualidade a Serviço da vida
Product – Wooden Spatula Ayre type
Registered at ANVISA – Non-Sterile – resell product registered at ANVISA
Made of Araucaria wood, with two forms featuring different functional ends, one end rounded and the
other with a recess, which establishes a good relationship with the anatomical surface of the cervix
thereby facilitating the collection of the entire ectocervix.
Thickness: 1,9mm
Whole-length: 180mm
Instrument used for gynecological examinations, where the end with double lobe is used to collect at
ectocervical region and the cylindrical end is used to collect at fundus of the bag.
Commercial Presentation:
Non-Sterile – Packed in polyethylene envelope (PE) containing 100 pieces.
FTM - 047 - Atualizada em 03/08/2011

Ayres' Spatula Non-Sterile
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