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Alere INRatio®/INRatio®2 - 2 Pages

Mere INRat¡o2

PT/INR Monitor

True QC You Can See

For Rapid Results That

You Can Trust

Only the Alere INRatio®2 PT/INR Monitor

performs normal (OC1) and therapeutic (QC2)

assays automatically on every test and

provides quantitative, recordable results on

the display-true QC you can see, start

More Than Just A

Humidity Check

These two levels of control use a true clotting

control measure, following the standards of a

split sample laboratory QC system, to provide

sting integrity on every test.

Easy Test Procedure

A simple fingerst lek and

of blood delivers results

in about 60 seconds.

Proven Adherence

to Clinical Practice Guidelines

The Alere INHatio"2 Monitor surpasses

the ACCP guidelines lor low

ISI thromboplastin.1

A Smart Way to Improve

Patient Care and

Practice Efficiencies

Reduce unnecessary delays

Allows prompt medication changes

Counsel your patients tace-to-face with

dosage changes.

Improve patient satisfaction

Send patients home instead of to a lab for a

PT/INR test, or consider patient self testing.

Maximize practice efficiencies

Reduce time-consuming "call-backs",

freeing your staff for more productive duties.

PC Connect'" Software"

Free Windows software allows you to view,

save, print, and export test results.

User Friendly Features

h audible and

i Print results using the INRatio Printer

> Simple, icon based interface

• Auto turn-on with strip insertion

• Uses AC or battery power

Be empowered to handle the challenges of managing your anticoagulation patients

Alere INRatio®/INRatio®2
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    Mere INRatio'2 Test Strip Advantages The Mere INRatio"2 PT/INR Monitor connects reliable results with practical convenience making it an optimal in-office...
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