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Catalog excerpts

A.M. BICKFORD, INC. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page A.M. BICKFORD INC. Since 1974, Same Name, Same Company... BICKFORD Anesthesia Machines Design Features - Stand Model . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Supersorber™ C02 Absorber . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 A.M. Bickford, Inc. began producing its fine line of anesthesia equipment for the discriminating veterinarian over 35 years ago. A small family owned business, it has grown in size over the years, but more importantly, it has built a reputation of quality and design excellence unsurpassed in Veterinary Medicine....

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BICKFORD ANESTHESIA MACHINES A.M. BICKFORD, INC. The BICKFORD ANESTHESIA MACHINES represent many years of experience in human and veterinary equipment design. Each comes to the customer FULLY ASSEMBLED and complete with a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY. All models evolve from our basic stand model with the following features: Design Features s Cast aluminum base with brushed and buff polished finish. s Mounted on 3" ball bearing casters, 2 with brakes, 26" diagonal wheel base. s Table top is solid aluminum plate, 13" square, bolted to the base through a 3" diameter chromed steel column. s All components are...

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A.M. BICKFORD, INC. BICKFORD ANESTHESIA MACHINES The BICKFORD Model 51110 is our most popular machine. A safe, easy to use anesthesia delivery system, it demonstrates outstanding performance design for today's veterinary professional. Design Features: s Quick release toggle latches for easy to change absorbent (prepack or loose granules). s Pressure manometer s Air intake valve s Pop off valve (see through, easy to clean). s Horizontal inhalation and exhalation valves to prevent valves from sticking in the open position s O2 flowmeter 0.2 L to 5 LPM. s O2 flush s Compact, very mobile s Absorber...

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BICKFORD ANESTHESIA MACHINES A.M. BICKFORD, INC. The BICKFORD Model 51112 is designed to give the veterinarian that added security of having 2 oxygen "E" cylinder yokes to hold two oxygen tanks. Each yoke has its own single stage regulator to assure proper supply pressure. All models provide DISS connections for external gas supplies. Design Features: s Quick release toggle latches for easy to change absorbent (prepack or loose granules). s Pressure manometer. s Air intake valve. s Pop off valve (see through, easy to clean). s Horizontal inhalation and exhalation valves to prevent valves from...

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ANESTHESIA MACHINES Bickford anesthesia machines. Vaporizers are mounted back to back on a rotating bracket. Isoflurane, disconnect inlet and outlet connectors, rotate isoflurane to face front, then HOSE FITTINGS/MOUNTS Surface Mount □hio Style, Recessed Mount □hio Style, Also Available ceiling plate with □.I.S.S. Male □.I.S.S. Male Chemtron NCG Female Chemtron NCG Male □hio Female □hio Male Hose End Puritan Bennett Puritan Bennett To order hose assembly: Refer to price list for price per foot and prices of end fittings, compute total price of assembly. HOSE ASSEMBLY □hio Female Connector Female...

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A.M. BICKFORD, INC. ACCESSORIES FOR BICKFORD ANESTHESIA MACHINES SINGLE-STAGE MEDICAL OXYGEN REGULATORS AND ACCESSORIES Pressure Regulators for Large Cylinders s High quality chrome plated forged brass construction. s D.I.S.S. Outlet. s Safety Relief Valve. s Pre-set 50 P.S.I. Outlet Pressure. s Porous Metal Inlet Filter. s 0-4000 P.S.I. High Pressure Gauge for Cylinder Contents 799822 Oxygen 799823 Nitrous Oxide 71870 Pressure Regulator Combined with high pressure gauge, 0-15 liter per minute flowmeter, CGA870 yoke connects to small medical oxygen cylinders, provides needle valve flow control....

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A.M. BICKFORD, INC. BREATHING CIRCUITS AND ADAPTERS Disposable Breathing Circuits – Polyethylene, Semi-Transparent: Can be cleaned with soap and water and non-solvent cold disinfecting solution for several reuses. 06830 Unilimb Breathing Circuit 06831 Unilimb Breathing Circuit 40" Coaxial “F” style breathing circuit. Inner and outer tube design. Attaches via standard connections. 40" Coaxial “F” style breathing circuit. Pediatric version of unilimb breathing circuit. Attaches via standard connections 15 and 22mm fittings. 27393 Single pediatric Br. tube 5⁄8" I.D. × 30" length. 22mm F. one end,...

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ENDOTRACHAEL TUBES Special Veterinary Size Endotrachael Tubes PVC plastic, Murphy eye, inflatable cuff, pilot balloon, inflation valve and connector. Order No. I.D. Size Length Endotrachael Tubes - Human sizes 2 to 10mm in Vs steps. PVC clear plastic, Murphy eye style with inflatable cuff, pilot balloons, inflation valve, and connector. Intended for single use but may be cold sterilized with non-solvent cleaning solutions for reuse. Order Mo. I.D. Size Length Veterinary - Metallic, standard hook-on connection, lamp at distal end. 2 Veterinary sizes (Miller style] 03191 Handle 2 "C" cells, Chrome...

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A.M. BICKFORD, INC. ANIMAL MASKS Cat Masks Suitable for cats or other small animals. Made from soft, pliable, transparent, vinyl plastic compound. Small and medium sizes have molded on 15mm standard male connections. Large has standard 22mm female connection which fits mask elbow or “Y” piece. Dimensions: small – 2" diameter medium – 21⁄2" diameter large – 3" diameter 09509 small 09508 medium 09507 large 00789 Set of all 3 sizes Animal Masks Transparent cone made from high impact plastic with neoprene rubber diaphram. 15mm standard male taper connection fits “Y” or mask elbow directly. 05304 Animal...

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A.M. BICKFORD, INC. BREATHING BAGS AND BREATHING TUBES Reusable quality black conductive Neoprene Breathing Tubes. 18001 Adult 7⁄8" I.D. 22mm (or 7⁄8" I.D.) ends 36" length. 18053 18001 18003 18003 Pediatric, 5⁄8" I.D. × 30" long, one end 22mm female, other end 15mm female end fittings are black plastic. 05502 05502A 18900 18701 18702 18053 1 ⁄4" black conductive tubing. Reusable Quality Rubber Breathing Bags – standard 7⁄8" bushing neck. 1 ⁄2 liter through 5 liter. 18703 18704 18705 Black Conductive (Latex Rubber) 18900 1⁄2 liter 18701 1 liter 18702 2 liter 18703 3 liter 18704 4 liter 18705 5...

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