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Angstrom Advanced General Brochure
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Catalogue excerpts

Scientific Instruments to the Future Angstrom Advanced Inc.

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Summary  As a leading supplier of Scientific Instruments, Angstrom Advanced has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, building and installing a variety of Scientific Instruments; especially Ellipsometer, Atomic Force Microscope, Scanning Probe Microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope, Lab & Industrial Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Air Gas Generators, X-ray Diffractometer, ICP, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, ICPAES, GC, HPLC, GC-MS, LC-MS, NMR, MRI etc  Angstrom Advanced’s corporate headquarters are located in Massachusetts, USA. We have numerous partnerships and representatives in countries worldwide.

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Angstrom Advanced instruments have been delivered to many renowned universities, research institutes and companies worldwide. Angstrom Advanced's goal is to supply the most accurate and sustainable scientific instrument upholding the highest standard of customer satisfaction. Below are some of our customers: US Army Research Lab NASA Sandia National Laboratories NIST NRC-Canada Yale Stanford UC, Berkeley MIT UIUC Duke University University of Iceland Los Alamos National Labs Rice Honeywell Air Product CIBA Vision Corporation Lucent Technologies Sharp Microelectronics Hyundai

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• Function : Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) Lateral Force Microscope (LFM) • Resolution AFM: 0.26nm lateral, 0.1nm vertical • Technical X-Y scan scope:^10pm • Parameters: Z distance :^2pm Image Pixels: 128X128, 256X256, 512X512, 1024X1024 Scan Angle: 0^360° Scan Rate: 0.1^100Hz • Software : Online Control Software and offline Image Processing Software for Windows Vista/XP/2000/9x; High Performance ■Atomic-scale of resolution ■Large sample size ■With a DSP inside for great performance ■Real time operating system embedded ■Fast Ethernet connection with computer Multi-Function ■Atomic Force Microscope...

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AA3000 Scanning Probe Microscope is a very popular model. This unit is tailored toward research and industry applications, where the user can perform rapid and simple analysis. The detector is built directly into the base, eliminating the chance of damaging it through handling. AA3000 Scanning Probe Microscope is capable of performing contact mode, tapping mode, lateral force microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy. The standard unit is equipped to view sample areas up to 10 micron by 10 micron. The system can be customized to measure larger areas. With a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) TMS320C642...

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Function Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) which has full coverage of Contacting Mode, Tapping Mode, Phase Imaging and Lifting Mode; Lateral Force Microscope (LFM); Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM); Conductive AFM, SPM in liquid, Environmental Control SPM; ^ Angstrom Product Lines Systems Features ■ Multi-function: AFM, LFM, STM, Conductive AFM, MFM and EFM; ■ Multi-Mode: Contacting Mode, Tapping Mode, Phase Imaging and Lifting Mode; ■ SPM can be in liquid; ■ Real-time temperature and humidity detecting; ■ Force Analysis: I-V Curve, I-Z Curve, Force Curve and Amplitude Curve; ■ Nano-Processing...

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Angstrom Product Lines AA6000 Scanning Electron Microscope Features         Angstrom AA6000 is a portable, desktop SEM with high performance. Field proven image quality Wide variety of optional instrument Resolution : 5.0 nm Magnification : ~10X-200,000X Acceleration Voltage: 0.6KeV ~ 30KeV Image Signal process: Search (320x240)/Inspection (640x480) Photo Mode (1280x960 ~ 4096x3072) SE Detector: High Sensitivity SE detector 5 Axis Stage Movement Stroke: X/Y/Z/=40/40/40mm Tilt: 0~60° Rotation=360° Control Rack: Windows; Serial communication: control dat

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AngstromAA7000 Scanning ElectronProduct LinesMicroscope Angstrom AA7000 SEMis a true multi-purpose, multi-user instrument. It excels in versatility and flexibility by combining high performance in all SEM modes & Particle counter with ease of operation in a multi-user materials research environment. This instrument has a perfect balance of stable configuration and an excellent resolution. Features ■    Field proven image quality ■ Upgraded scan speed and pixel resolution. ■    Wide variety of optional instrument ■    Gun design for stable current supply ■    Dual field objective lens for spherical ■...

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Angstrom Product Lines AA8000 Scanning Electron Microscope Angstrom Advanced AA8000 is a true multi-purpose, multiuser Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM). It excels in versatility and flexibility by combining high performance in all SEM modes & Particle counter with ease of operation in a multi-user material research environment. The AA8000 Scanning Electron Microscope features a perfect balance between stable configuration and an excellent resolution. The AA8000 Scanning Electron Microscope has state-of-art SEM technology. Its rock-solid reliability and fully automated control functions provide...

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Angstrom Product Lines ADX-2500 X-ray Diffraction Instrument Perfect incorporation of the hardware and software system, for the needs of researchers from various fields; High precision of the diffraction angle measurement system to obtain the more accuracy of the data; Higher stability of the X-ray generator controlling system provides excellent repeatable measurement accuracy; Programmed operate and incorporated design, convenient for operation and the apparentness looks handsome  Data Processing Software General diffraction data processing: automatic peak search, manual peak search, integral...

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Angstrom Product Lines ADX-2700 θ-θ Powder X-ray Diffraction Instrument   ADX-2700 θ-θ Powder X-ray Diffraction Instrument is multi-function Diffractometer with exceptional analysis speed, reliability and reproducibility. The ADX2700 has unique designed features for the challenges of modern materials research, where the lifetime of a Diffractometer is considerably longer than the horizon of any research project. Every main components are fresh and powerful. ADX-DWZ Combination of Eulerian cradle for stress and texture investigations, Thin film and Quantity Analysis attachment with control and...

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