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ANSABERE LAPAROTOMY RETRACTOR (2 fixing points) - Mod. 8500 Indicated for abdominal surgery and peritoneal chemotherapy Great strength due to two fixing points Easy adjustable height Optical light system included Fully autoclavable Rail clamp Toothed clamp Universal clamp Blade holder Angling blade holder Flexible illumination terminal Wall blade with handle 90x60 mm Wall blade with handle 100x60 mm Narrow flat blade 40x180 mm Wide flat blade (Fence) 100x170 mm Pelvic blade (St. Marks) 56x170 mm Medium flat blade 65x170 mm Ansabere Surgical, S.L. Pol. Ind. Noain-Esquiroz, c/H - Nave 21 - 31191 Esquiroz (Navarra) ESPAÑA _ansabere@ansaberesurgical.com - www.ansaberesurgical.com_

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