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Catalogue excerpts


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MISSION STATEMENT With input from surgeons from around the world, a new concept of a surgical CO2 laser has emerged. Our attention to the details and our passion for performance has served as the driving force behind this project. This product represents how A.R.C. Laser continues to set new standards in surgical lasers. Marcel Ernstberger Manager, Surgical Application and Laser Angela Thyzel CEO A.R.C. Laser

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Bildquelle: fotolia.de

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Contents There is a long and successful history of using CO2 lasers for medical applications Unique modular Laser . . . . . . . 9 Select Waveguide or Articulated arm delivery system – versatility for any application. Precise gas flow adjustment. Intuitive operation and control. A.R.C. Laser systems are sleek, modular, space saving designs with convenient user interface. Automated gas pressure adjustments for different procedures such as cutting or de-bulking of tissue.

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C-LAS with Gas Management . . 18 The superior scanner for surgical applications . . . . . . . . . . . 30

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C-LAS with Articulated Arm . . . 32 C-LAS with Scanner for ENT . . . 38 C-LAS & Weasel Specifications . . . . . . . . . . 42 C-LAS Workstation Cart . . . . . 44 Optional Laser Modules . . . . . 46

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CO2 Laser with Scanner

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MODULAR LASER DESIGN C-Las offers Waveguide or Flexible waveguide uses a Smart Connector to identify Compact Counter Top Module easily integrated. Workstation cart has ample Rugged cart design is versatile ^H^B MADE IN GERMANY

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Source: iStock.de Controlled Air Flow Clean surgical field + Cooling of tissue + Enhanced visibility + Easy handling Results unmatched by any other CO2 laser

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SMART GAS MANAGEMENT Gas handling of the laser with precise operation is unparalleled in the industry. Remove debris instead of vaporizing it. Enhanced surgical field The unique feature of a finely tuned flow of gas which is automatically adjusted in concert with the power of the laser to maintain clear visibility in the entire surgical field is stunning. Since with this gas flow feature less laser energy is needed to achieve the desired tissue effect. Cutting is faster and vaporization of non-targeted tissue is avoided. The focal spot is sharp and distinct which enables tissue cutting with pinpoint...

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Safety by design The integrated gas handling system holds two cylinders and switching cylinders during surgery is quick and easy. Redundant safety valves in the gas cart protect the WaveGuide laser from accidental exposure to air. Internal software constantly monitors the gas supply and sends a warning message to the display screen when the gas pressure becomes low in one cylinder. Switching to the second cylinder is virtually instantaneous. • Change cylinders outside the OR • Re-enter the OR after disinfecting the wheels If the C-Las is temporarily needed in another location, the gas cart can...

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Maximum Safety with unique gas management system • Combined or independent options The laser cart and the gas cart can be combined for highest stability performance or separated for short term use. • Convenient and hygenic The capacity of the gas cylinders can be easily checked by viewing the two sensors located on the rear of the cart. • 2 cylinders in one cart avoids the risk of interruptions Internal software constantly monitors the gas supply and sends a warning message to the display screen when the pressure becomes low in one cylinder. Switching to the second cylinder is virtually instantaneous....

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VARIO DISPLAY Omnidirectional display screen The display screen can be rotated for multi-directional access to control settings by authorized personnel. It can be locked into the desired position that is most convenient. The touch screen is intuitive and easy to operate. A resterilizable stylus is available. Sterile holder for the Stylus

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WAVEGUIDE LL12003 Waveguide with 2 m length enables maximum working distance for freedom of movement. The waveguide delivery option is far superior to the articulated arm when it comes to creating narrower cuts - thanks to super focusing.

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Waveguide interface The Waveguide delivery is specifically designed for stable, long term use and easy handling. Designed by A.R.C. Laser The Waveguide connector is coded to automatically adjust the laser to the desired application.

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CO2 LASER C-LAS WITH GAS MANAGEMENT FOR EYE SURGERY 18 WaveGuide-Design with the power to spare hh Aesthetic Surgery hh ENT Surgery hh Neuro Surgery

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APPLICATIONS Super sensitive, tactile feel hand piece with cw or super pulse use. Minimal risk of scaring. Reduced risk of potential Post OP complications. C-LAS WAVE GUIDE SUPER PULSE WITH GAS MANAGEMENT Plastic Surgery Eyelid Surgery Blepharplasty Reconstructive Surgery Source: C. Weiss, Nürnberg

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Our C-LAS combines the advantages of laser precision with a familiar scalpel feeling.

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CO2 Laser with WaveGuide The perfect tool for every surgery The long cap enables improved beam delivery for the treatment of fine structures. Ceramic insert (short) Hand piece for the angled Ceramic inserts enhance stability insert for your hand

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* accompanying illustration includes optional extras

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APPLICATIONS Microscope adaptation to maximize control Vocal fold surgery Smallest spot size Carcinoma resection Special lens coating for highest visibility aiming beam Tonsillectomy LAUP Oral cancer excision Neoplastic stenosis C-LAS WAVEGUIDE SUPER PULSE Zenker diverticle WITH GAS MANAGEMENT Micromanipulator ENT The only Micromanipulator in the world with WaveGuide adaptation source: Dr. Hornung, University of Erlangen Stapedotomy

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C-LAS WITH WAVEGUIDE AND MICROMANIPULATOR FOR ENT 24 Source: fotolia.de WAVEGUIDE LL12004 WaveGuide with a length of 3 m and a hand piece for maximum control.

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MICROMANIPULATOR Easily adapts to all microscopes + enhanced aiming beam brightness + small laser spot size = Maximum efficacy. BG01301 It’s a single assembly. WaveGuide and adapter with aiming beam.

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CO2 LASER FEATURES OF THE MICROMANIPULATOR 26 Universal adapter to all microscopes Hand rest Working distance The quality of the optics reflects the quality of the laser. Partial silver coating • Partial high reflector Brighter aiming beam • High aiming beam visibility Single focal plane for aiming and treatment beam • The patented beam delivery system achieves spot sizes as small as 200 µm. The micromanipulator optics in combination with the high durability silver coating make this device the best in the world. These unique features create the benefits of precision cutting with highest aiming...

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