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Catalogue excerpts

GB Technology for Dental X-Ray Films ORIX 70 A.C . 0 0 5 1 D I R E T T I VA 93/42/CEE ARDET. Dental &Diagnostica & Terapia Medical Devices S.r.l. Apparecchi Radiologici per Head office & Production: Via Galvani, 15 - 20090 Assago (MI) Italy Phone: +39-02-94435294 Fax: +39-02-94435296 E-mail: ardet@ardetsrl.com Web Site: www.ardetsrl.com

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ORIX 70 X-RAY GENERATOR 0 0 5 1 D I R E T T I VA 93/42/CEE 0 0 5 1 D I R E T T I VA 93/42/CEE The ORIX 70, in all its details both technical and aesthetic, is studied according to the International Rules IEC and the Directive CE. It is an x-ray system of conventional type, for oral and extra oral applications, ables to satisfy any demands in dental field. The high tension of 70 kv, the x-ray tube “GRID” type with small focal spot, together with the ARDET X-ray controls with centesimal exposure time regulation, allow to work either with the x-ray film or the modern digital systems. Besides creating...

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E-ARM DOUBLE ARM SYSTEM 0 0 5 1 D I R E T T I VA 93/42/CEE The mechanical structure of the New pantograph arm “E-ARM”, in extruded of aluminium, unites a modern and alluring shape to the lightness and strenght of the material that well introduce itself in furnishing of the modern odontoiatric cabinet. P • WIDTH • HEIGHT • DEPTH mm. 115 mm. 320 mm. 90 H L Ist oval figure, the absence of edges and wrinkledness and the dust painting scratch-proof, make easier the operations of cleaning, guaranteeing a high level of hygiene. A mm. 500 - mm. 900 The system of assemblage to wall is composed of: • Wall...

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SELEMATIC ANATOMICAL MICROPROCESSERED CONTROL 0 0 5 1 The X-Ray control SELEMATIC, with microprocessor circuit, guarantees the maximun reliance and top service. With its small dimensions and modern shape, it can easily be wall installed both inside and outside the surgery and it is predisposed to control a maximun of 3 dental x-ray units. type integrated on the control panel and, as option, the remote X-RAY control. • Predisposition to the connection of the “READY” lamps. Suitable for all ARDET’s generators and a large number of x-ray units of conventional type. The sophisticated software of management...

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