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PEEKPower, Distal Radius Plate Innovative Material with up-to-date plate design • Radiolucent • Multi- and undirectional • P late design allows screw placement to fix distal fragments of the radioulnar joint • iming guide for secure screw placement A Material • Carbon fiber reinforced PEEK (CF-PEEK) with excellent biocompatibility • CF-PEEK plate in combination with 2.7 mm titanium screws • Prevents cold welding → easy implant removal. Radiolucent • Improved intra- and postoperative evaluation of the fracture site and the healing process. Advanced Anatomical Plate Design • The plate design is anatomically adapted to the “Watershed Line” and precontoured to the radius surface. • Especially adapted screw position allows fixation of each radius column with at least 3 screws. • Provides stable fixation of radial styloid fragments and fragments of the distal radio-ulnar joint (DRUJ).

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Locking and Non-Locking Screws Option • 2.7 mm Locking screws: The threaded head cuts into the screw hole margins of the PEEK plate and allows angle stable fixation • 2.7 mm non-locking compression screws are used for shaft fixation Multi- and Unidirectional Aiming Adapter Option • Multidirectional screw placement of ±12° or unidirectional screw placement with fixed angle • Temporary fixation of distal fragments • Distal embedded metal pin shows plate position in x-ray Principle screw positions Radiolucent Plate Multidirectional Aiming Adapater with ±12° locking range PEEKPower, PEEKPower, PEEKPower,...

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