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PEEKPower, Distal Radius Plate

Innovative Material with
up-to-date plate design
• Radiolucent
• Multi- and undirectional
• P late design allows screw placement to fix distal fragments

of the radioulnar joint
• iming guide for secure screw placement

Carbon fiber reinforced PEEK (CF-PEEK) with excellent

CF-PEEK plate in combination with 2.7 mm titanium screws

Prevents cold welding → easy implant removal.

Improved intra- and postoperative evaluation of the
fracture site and the healing process.
Advanced Anatomical Plate Design

The plate design is anatomically adapted to the
“Watershed Line” and precontoured to the radius surface.

Especially adapted screw position allows fixation of each
radius column with at least 3 screws.

Provides stable fixation of radial styloid fragments and
fragments of the distal radio-ulnar joint (DRUJ).

PEEKPower, Distal Radius Plate - LIT2-401-EN
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    Locking and Non-Locking Screws Option• 2.7 mm Locking screws:The threaded head cuts into the screw hole margins of the PEEK plate andallows angle...
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