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Catalogue excerpts

Medical SYSTEMS Technology for Life ATEX I DMF / LR / ML Refrigerators / FREEZERS in compliance with ATEX directive BIOMEDICAL REFRIGERATION Innovative and reliable Absorption Refrigerators and Freezers Vaccine Transport Boxes refrigeration solutions compression Refrigerators, Freezers and Ice Liners No risk of explosive atmospheres More security for users

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The ATEX Directive An EXplosive ATmosphere (ATEX) is a mixture of air which declares that for all workplaces and existing equip- and a flammable substance (in the form of gas, vapour or ment there must be an evaluation of explosion risks. dust), in which - after igniting – the combustion fans out in Thus to improve the security and health of users, must be the entire non-burned mixture. set out the risks of explosive atmosphere. Beside this, new To generate an explosive atmosphere, an oxidant and a appliances must be selected based on their protection combustible substance are necessary. And this...

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Dometic Safety & Green Standards The Safety Standards developed by Dometic define certain significant technical features of a product. These ensure the safe storage of the preparations as well as the trend-setting safety of the user. The Dometic Gold Safety Standard efficiently complements the safety [requirements of the Dometic Silver Safety Standard and therefore exceeds even the official standards. Gold models iThe Dometic Silver Safety Standard (ensures the reliable and safe opera- tion of all Dometic refrigerators and I deep freezers. Safety for the stored (preparations and the user. Silver...

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Technical Data safety standard GOLD safety standard Silver GREEN standard Gross volume Net volume External dimensions (H x W x D) External dimensions (H x W x D) (with mounted temperature recorder) Inner dimensions (H x W x D) Net weight (with standard equipment) Set temperature (preset) Set temperature (setting range) can be adjusted in steps of 0.5°C Temperature cold alarm limit (preset) Temperature warm alarm limit (preset) Control sensor Precision (from –80°C to +180°C) Display sensor Precision (from –80°C to +180°C) in reference body with reference fluid 100 ml DOW Corning 200-5CST (Silicon...

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220-240 V - 50Hz (10A) 70 W 0.54 kWh /24h 12 Kcal/h 20% 41 dB(A) 12V – 7Ah / 48 hours SN/ST (+10°C to +38°C) ≤ 75% natural R600a 90 mm 30 – 55 mm 70 min (from +5°C to +10°C) I 2004 / 108 / EEC 2006 / 95 / EEC B / ISO 6 Stainless steel Galvanized sheet steel (STO2Z-AZ150) Stainless steel White (similar RAL 9010) Blue (similar RAL 5002) 220-240 V - 50/60Hz (10A) 140 W 1.15 kWh /24h 30 Kcal/h 25% 42 dB(A) 12V – 7Ah / 48 hours SN/ST (+10°C to +38°C) ≤ 75% natural R600a 35 – 85 mm 32 – 35 mm 45 min (from +5°C to +10°C) I 2004 / 108 / EEC 2006 / 95 / EEC B / ISO 6 Stainless steel Galvanized sheet steel...

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Dometic Software D MN – Dometic Monitoring Network Universal software for collection, long-term recording and visualization of temperature data. Free of charge for all Dometic Gold & Silver ranges. Integrated event and activity history of all appliance Real-time temperature output for third-party soft ware. Graphical visualisation of all temperature curves. Your essential advantages: Connection to existing or third-party appliances Access to the data within your entire network via one central database. via network technology (LAN, WLAN, WAN). Simultaneous data monitoring and recording. Economy...

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