Blood bank refrigerators Refrigerators for the legally storage of blood bags - 8 Pages

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Medical SYSTEMS Technology for Life BR I Blood Bank Refrigerators BIOMEDICAL REFRIGERATION Innovative and reliable Absorption Refrigerators and Freezers Vaccine Transport Boxes refrigeration solutions compression Refrigerators, Freezers and Ice Liners Legally safe storage of blood at +4°C compliance with international standards In and directives

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Refrigerators for the legally safe storage of blood bags / erythrocyte concentrates at +4°C (according to DIN 58371, ÖNORM K 2030 & Medical Device 93/42/EEC) The interior temperature of the blood refrigerators is monitored via an autonomous control safety standard GOLD GREEN standard sensor and adjusted to +4°C. This ensures that the product temperature of the stored preparations is kept at +4°C ± 1.5°C. The models of the BR range feature a natural defrosting system that does not affect the product temperature of the stored preparations during defrosting. BR models are equipped with a glass door...

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Blood Bank Refrigerators I + 4°C BR 110 GG Storage capacity (blood bags) Storage capacity (blood bags) Storage capacity (blood bags) Storage capacity (blood bags) Storage capacity (blood bags)

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+ 4°C I Dometic BR The Safety Standards developed by Dometic define certain significant technical features of a product. These ensure the safe storage of the preparations as well as the trend-setting safety of the user. The new “green” models (denominated with a “G”) convince by their technical requirements of the Dometic Silver optimizations in terms of economy and Safety Standard and therefore exceeds safety standard GOLD The Dometic Gold Safety Standard efficiently enviromental protection. Characteristic even the official standards. Gold models are denominated with a “G”. u se of natural gases...

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Dometic Electronic The new and innovative Dometic Electronic (operation and control panel) assures thanks to its password protected settings menu optimum protection for your stored preparations. The menu structure of the modern and user-friendly graphic display offers a simple and intuitive utilization. Power switch, key-operation O = OFF / I = ON Navigation buttons Back button Settings menu Extra menu Menu button The new Dometic Electronic also offers: A wide range of adjustment and diagnostic facilities ture data of a sensor connected to the electronic. as well as additional protection / warning...

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Technical Data Dometic safety standard GOLD GREEN standard Gross volume Net volume Storage capacity: blood bags at 450 ml each / approx. Storage capacity: blood bags at 350 ml each / approx. External dimensions (H x W x D) Inner dimensions (H x W x D) Net weight with standard equipment Set temperature (preset - not changeable, l by DIN 58371) Temperature cold alarm limit (preset – not changeable, l by DIN 58371) Temperature warm alarm limit (preset – not changeable, l by DIN 58371) Control sensor Precision (from –80°C to +180 °C) Display sensor Precision (from –80°C to +180 °C) in reference body...

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± 0,2°C 50/60 Hz 50 Hz 265 W 120 W 1.90 kWh/24h 1.10 kWh/24h 48 kcal/h 27 kcal/h 23% 26% 51 dB(A) 42 dB(A) 12V -7 AH / 48 hours SN / T (+10°C to +43°C) ≤ 75% natural R134a R600a 100 mm, with triple insulating glazing 85 – 95 mm 210 min I 93 / 42 / EEC A / ISO 5 Stainless steel (V2A – 1.4301) Galvanized sheet steel (STO2Z-AZ150) Stainless steel (V2A – 1.4301) Wire DIN 172-2, PA11 coated Polycarbonate, transparent White (similar RAL 9010) Blue (similar RAL 5002) 50/60 Hz 50 Hz 280 W 120 W 2.00 kWh/24h 1.20 kWh/24h 58 kcal/h 29 kcal/h 24% 28% 51 dB(A) 42 dB(A) 12V -7 AH / 48 hours SN / T (+10°C to...

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Dometic Software D MN – Dometic Monitoring Network Real-time temperature output for third-party soft ware. Complete activity list (password protected). Integrated event and activity history of all appliance components. Graphical visualisation of all temperature curves. Your essential advantages: Access to the data within your entire network via one central database. Connection to existing or third-party appliances via network technology (LAN, WLAN, WAN). Economy of time and money as regular changes of recorder paper, ink and battery is not necessary. Simultaneous data monitoring and recording....

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