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BMS B-M-S MT-Range
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Transport Systems B Medical Systems | MT Range Transport Systems for the safe transport of temperature-sensitive products > ccording to ADR I RID I IMDG I ICAO-TI I IATA-DGR a SAVING LIVES THROUGH RELIABLE AND INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY Blood Management Solutions

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BLOOD MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS MT RANGE | Transport Systems Transport Systems B Medical Systems | MT Range 6 models According to ADR I RID I IMDG I ICAO-TI I IATA-DGR In conformity with national and international guidelines offering reliability, efficiency and safety at an optimal price. BLOOD MANAGEMENT CHAIN A selected range of products for blood safety Designed for intensive use • The special transport boxes, made from rotationally moulded polyethylene (a literally indestructible synthetic), feature an extraordinarily sturdy casing that is almost impervious to external forces, e.g. caused by bumps...

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BLOOD MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS MT RANGE | Transport Systems External validation of the passive systems MT 4, MT 8, MT 12 and MT 25 incl. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Available SOPs: • rocess description and standards operating P procedures for the transport of blood preparations using the transport systems mentioned above • onditioning of cooling elements C • isual inspection V • echnical inspection T • harging with cooling elements C E xternally validated ambient temperature ranges: +10°C and +32°C (over 24 hours) As minimum or maximum limits, these temperature ranges cover more than 90%...

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BLOOD MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS MT RANGE | Transport Systems Technical Data General features MT 2    MT 4 Cooling system    Passive    Active (Compressor) at +32°C    up to 22 h    up to 46 h    up to 57 h    up to 96.14 h    up to 109 h Cold Life at +43°C    up to 17 h    up to 32.5 h    up to 16.39 h    up to 56.5 h    up to 74 h Gross weight - fully stocked (kg)    2.1    7.3    16.4    23.3    38.9    66 Application range (ambient temperature) -2°C to +43°C AC (mains)    100 V to 240 V (50/60Hz) Average running time    28% at +25°C B Medical Systems | Blood Management Solutions Subject to change...

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Standard & optional BLOOD MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS MT RANGE | Transport Systems Interior    Polystyrene container    Stainless steel Securing plastic frame for interior container ■ 1 (with lid)    0 1 (with lid)    % 4 (baskets) Carrying strap (adjustable) Document Front compartment Back Eutectic cooling system (tests available upon request) Temperature Data Logger LogTag / Testo Smooth castors Digital temperature display (0.1 digit) Automatic AC/DC power supply selection Automatic cooling /heating operation Temperature / power failure alarm Contact remote alarm temperature Car fixation kit (belts) Standard...

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BLOOD MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS MT RANGE | Transport Systems For long-term, temperature controlled transportB Medical Systems | Eutectic Cooling System B Medical Systems Eutectic Cooling Elements are heat accumulation elements, containing a so-called phase change material (PCM). The PCM stores latent heat at the required temperature at phase change (liquid / solid). The stored product will therefore remain at a near constant temperature for a specific period of time, without requiring active temperature control. The Eutectic Cooling Elements must be charged for the specified temperature prior to each...

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For perfect temperature control BLOOD MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS MT RANGE | Transport Systems B Medical Systems | Temperature Data Logger Testo 174 T | 1-channel mini temperature data logger 60 mm LogTag TRED30-16R | Temperature data logger • ncl. wall bracket, battery (2 x CR 2032 lithium) I and calibration protocol • igh data integrity, even with empty battery H • arge data memory L • atertight in accordance with IP65 W • emperature range -30°C to +70°C T • tarter set including logger, interface and software S also available • or continious, tamper-proof temperature recording F • ew, easy to read...

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Blood Management Solutions Safe global blood management: from collection to transfusion, transportation, processing and storage Cold Chain Medical Refrigeration Reliable and innovative solutions for safe vaccination around the world State-of-the-art technology for the exacting needs of the medical world After Sales support and service We strive to provide you with the highest standards of service; not only through our selected distributors and partners for all your maintenance and service but also our second line trouble shooting and after sales service. This Factory based group of engineers is...

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