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Your global partner to save lives. DMN I Data Monitoring Network > Monitoring & Visualization Software > Collection, long-term recording and analyzing of temperature data BIOMEDICAL REFRIGERATION Innovative and reliable refrigeration solutions

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DMN I Data Monitoring Network Monitoring & Visualization Software DMN – Monitoring & Visualization Software incl. analysis tool > Monitoring up to 32 status (depending on B Medical Systems device version) D isplay and monitor temperature data History activity E vent management (alarm, warnings) Analyzing tool Real-time temperature export Report generator Remote calibration of B Medical Systems’s “9 sensor refrigerators” is possible via DMN (saving of time, money and fuel, according to NFX 15-140) > Alarms forwarding (e-mail, SMS, audio) > Graphics > Language versions : > The Data Monitoring Net­...

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Accessories / Advantages / Requirements For > all B Medical Systems models with B Medical Systems Electronic and RS 485 interface T he > DMN is developed for the pure recording and monitoring of temperatures of older legacy and thirdparty appliances via external PT100 / PT1000 sensor Transparent and traceable monitoring (in real time) > and documentation / archiving of storage conditions Beside the monitoring and recording of tempera> tures, also all activities and situations within the device can be monitored and recorded G > raphical illustration of temperature progress Simple and intuitive...

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