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Your global partner to save lives. FR / MF I Deep Freezers & Plasma Storage Freezers > Low-temperature storage of plasma and other blood products at –41°C / –35°C > According to DIN 58375 & Medical Device 93/42/EEC BIOMEDICAL REFRIGERATION Innovative and reliable refrigeration solutions

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Deep Freezers & Plasma Storage Freezers The Safety Standards developed by B Medical Systems define certain significant technical features of a product. These ensure the safe storage of the preparations as well as the trendsetting safety of the user. The B Medical Systems Gold Safety Standard efficiently complements the safety requirements of the B Medical Systems Silver Safety Standard and therefore exceeds even the official standards. Gold models are denominated with a “G”. The new “green” models (denominated with a “G”) convince by their technical optimizations in terms of economy and environmental...

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Technical Data I standard / □ optional / -not available All values were measured at +25°C ambient temperature and without load (with inertial mass). Subject to change without prior notice. Some of the accessories shown in the pictures are optional. The approximate figures are based on the number of bags that are really to be stored and on the different bag manufacturers' specifications available on the market, on the actual bag sizes as well as on the individual user's practice of loading. Your global partner to save lives.

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B Medical Systems Electronic Equipment / Options (extract) The new and innovative B Medical Systems Electronic (operation and control panel) assures thanks to its password protected settings menu optimum protection for your stored preparations. The menu structure of the modern and user-friendly graphic display offers a simple and intuitive utilization. Power switch, key-operation O = OFF / I = ON Navigation buttons Settings menu Extra menu Back button Temperature recorder (in form of a circular chart recorder) (optional, within the mounted casing for SILVER model range, integrated for GOLD model...

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B Medical Systems Software DMN - Data Monitoring Network Universal software for collection, long-term recording and visualization of temperature data. Your essential advantages : >> Complete activity list (password protected). >> ntegrated event and activity history of all appliance I components. >> Graphical visualisation of all temperature curves. >> onnection to existing or third-party appliances C Access to the data within your entire network via one central database. Economy of time and money as regular changes of recorder paper, ink and battery is not necessary. via network technology (LAN,...

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