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Catalogue excerpts

Your global partner to save lives. BLOOD SAFETY Global Safe Blood Management Ensuring a safe and secure supply of blood and blood products, as well as the appropriate and rational use, are important public health responsibilities of every nation and government. “Blood Safety” comprises different activities from collection to transfusion.

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BLOOD SAFETY For a reliable cold chain within the scope of safety of blood transfusions. B Medical Systems S.à r.l. is a pioneer in the medical industry. The company was founded in 1979 when the World Health Organization approached Electrolux in Vianden, Luxembourg, to provide a solution to their problems in safely storing and transporting vaccines around the world. Subsequently, the Electrolux refrigeration division became the Dometic Group. We are committed to exploring new technologies, increasing the variety of our products and seeking new fields of business. B Medical Systems S.à r.l. is...

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“ The Biolog solution by B Medical Systems is an extremely important innovation, which consists in being supplied and searching for blood, before its date of expiry. This, for us, is the best solution. It’s the solution which is the most economical and allows us to have the maximum of security. “ “ Blood safety implies the full control of the Blood Cold Chain from the blood transfusion centres to the recipient, by means of insulated transport boxes to our blood banks in our hospital services. “ “ If I work with RFID tags, I do save a lot of time. The employees have their hands free; they only...

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Blood Traceability I In Healthcare Establishment and simply displays the prescribed Blood Bags location in the fridge. In reception, the operator validates the transport conditions by retrieving the temperature curves of the sealed container which is automatically memorized. After accepting the transport conditions, the operator opens the container. Before storing the Blood Bag inside the intelligent fridge, the operator checks it and automatically receives the full data contained on the chip, including in particular, data concerning the receiver when prescription is for personal attribution : As...

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Blood Traceability I Advantages Intelligent Blood Refrigerators / Transport Boxes Intelligent blood refrigerators for a consistent tracing of blood bags B Medical Systems has adapted four of its blood refrigerators for the Biolog solution. RFID detectors for each drawer level observe the presence or movement of the blood bags in the different cells of the drawers. Each blood bag is equipped with a RFID chip that registers all relevant transfusion data. Patented system US Patent EU Patent   Japan Patent Each drawer has RFID detectors for every cell in order that all blood bags are individually...

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Blood Traceability I Intelligent Blood Refrigerators I BR Biolog Technical Data The Safety Standards developed by B Medical Systems define certain significant technical features of a product. These ensure the safe storage of the preparations as well as the trend-setting safety of the user. Storage capacity : blood bags Heat emission Compressor running time Noise level at 1m height & 1m distance Hold Over Time (from +4°C to +10°C) Net weight with standard equipment (kg) Material outer casing & door Galvanized sheet steel (STO2Z-AZ150) Galvanized sheet steel (STO2Z-AZ150) Galvanized sheet steel...

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Blood Traceability I Passive Transport Boxes I MT Technical Data Storage capacity (blood bags) with 6 bags (270 ml) and 3 (0.3 l) + 2 (0.6 l) icepacks with 14 bags (270 ml) and 4 icepacks (0.6 l) with 25 bags (270 ml) and 6 icepacks (0.6 l) with 40 bags (270 ml) and 12 icepacks (0.6 l) Dimensions of interior container H x W x D (mm) Gross weight - fully stocked (kg) Outer / Interior material Material of interior container Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Insulation material and thickness Biolog temperature logger Polystyrene interior container Stainless steel interior container Document compartment...

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Blood Traceability I Biolog Components Biolog Hardware Biolog Barcode Reader : quick, reliable and optimal reading The barcode reader is used at different stages of the process like, at the reception of an order, the check of the temperature logger, aso… The portable scanner that we offer gives you optimal reading abilities at a reasonable price. It allows a quick and reliable reading and increases productivity and efficiency whilst reducing the total cost of ownership. Dual technology printer which allows both printing of the secondary tag and encoding of its electronic RFID chip. “Intelligent”...

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Blood Traceability I Biolog Components Biolog Proliant Server : reliable, development potential and performance Biolog RFID chip and barcode printer The installation of the visualization and management programs of the Biolog solution by B Medical Systems are performed on the Proliant server. This server is the link between the intelligent Blood Banks equipped with RFID readers and the stock management and distribution program. Robust and reliable, the RFID printer is designed for the toughest applications: The server combines the most up-to-date quad core processor technologies with high-performance...

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Blood Cold Chain I Blood Transport Boxes I MT BR I Blood Bank Refrigerators I +4°C For an uninterrupted temperature controlled blood cold chain BR range for legally safe storage of blood bags and erythrocyte concentrates With its „Blood Cold Chain“ family B Medical Systems offers a comprehensive mix of its products to ensure a safe blood cold chain. Beginning with the blood collection at peripheral centres, over transport to sites of testing and processing, plasma freezing to the point of final storage of screened blood and plasma, B Medical Systems provides reliable active and passive products...

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+5°C I Laboratory / Medicine / Pharmaceutical Refrigerators I ML ML range for safe intermediate storage of temperature-sensitive preparations MBF I High Performance Contact Shock Freezers I –30°C B Medical Systems’s ML range represent laboratory refrigerators for a safe storage of temperature sensitive preparations. ML models are built in conformity with DIN 58345. Horizontal contact shock freezing technology for blood plasma, biological and pharmaceutical preparations B Medical Systems’s High Performance Contact Shock Freezers are designed for the fast freezing of blood plasma, biological and...

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