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Vaccine Refrigerator ULTRA 16 SDD
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Vaccine Refrigerator ULTRA 16 SDD The new ULTRA 16 SDD is a solar direct drive vaccine refrigerator with the world highest autonomy, specially designed for small size health centres, working straight from solar panels with no batteries and no regulator. SKU: ULTRA 16 SDD Categories: Cold Chain, Solar Vaccine Refrigerators Characteristics: • Rotomoulded body construction: rust free and extremely robust • Vacuum Insulated Panels and Polyurethane foam for highest insulation value • Newly designed lid closing recess to avoid loss of cold air • Designed for extensive bad weather periods • LED display with integrated 2 USB-chargers for mobile, tablet and other devices • Storage place with lockable door • Temperature monitoring maintained in power failure periods • Automatic drain water evaporation Solar Generator - Plug & Play Installation

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Vaccine Refrigerator ULTRA 16 SDD The ULTRA 16 SDD goes with one solar generator. It connects to the ULTRA 16 SDD by quick connectors – only one way works. The solar generators are available in 2 versions: • G 1 – roof installation without panel adjustment • G 2 – roof installation with panel adjustment Data Logger - For remote monitoring The Cold Chain Data Logger is preinstalled on all SDD units at the factory (= logger integrated unit)* Characteristics: • Real time monitoring of temperature(s), lid openings & GPS position • Includes a...

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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Vaccine storage capacity (l)

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