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Wide Diagnostic Display MX30N 3MP

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DIAGNOSTIC DISPLAYS Monochrome MX30N N-Series, The latest medical display solution from WIDE The rise of digital imaging technology has drastically changed the way that patient data is used and distributed within healthcare environments. Medical images, enriched with patient information, are being shared beyond the radiology department, becoming available throughout the enterprise.WIDE’s N-Series utilize the latest research, development, and engineering. Improvements include the most advanced TFT LCD technology, and an intelligent 3rd generation DICOM IQ-Sensor®, all wrapped in a newly styled chassis with an ergonomic look and feel. N-Series displays improve all aspects of the radiology reading room experience. Brightness, image quality, DICOM 3.14 calibration, conformance, and automation all work together to satisfy the most demanding medical image review requirements. Pixel by Pixel Precision Wide viewing angle Utilizing advanced IPS (In Plane Switching) technology within TFT LCD panels, images seen on the N-Series appear bright, crisp, consistent and uniform from almost any viewing angle. True 10-bit Our 10-bit (10-bit for Red, Green and Blue) TFT LCD technology provides a display with over 1 billion shades of gray for true 10-bit reproduction on screen, bringing you the most precise and accurate grayscale and color expression possible. 14-Bit Look-Up Table (LUT) WIDE’s 14-bit LUT provides the display with over 1 billion shades of gray for precise expression on screen. Maximum Luminance Uniformity Achieving luminance uniformity can be very challenging given the manufacturing process of TFT LCD displays. However, WIDE’s background knowledge of display technology brings DUC (Digital Uniformity Correction) to the NSeries. DUC helps ensure luminance uniformity across the entire screen - edge to edge. Crystal Clear Protection (Option) Our protective panel adds durability to the delicate LCD display screen, extending its life and preventing much of the normal wear and tear seen on non-protected LCD display screens. WIDE’s new protective glass is mounted in a dust-free clean room and coated with double-sided anti-reflective material for transmittance with near zero

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Display Performance Screen Size Multi function Stand-base LED 09-16. Errors and omissions excepted. Baaske Medical GmbH & Co. KG ► Phone: +49 5741 236027-0 ► Fax: +49 5741 236027-99 ► www.baaske-medical.de

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