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NObreath Catalogue (2nd Gen)

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Measure breath nitric oxide for airway inflammation with the NObreath® FeNO monitor Aids in the diagnosis and management of asthma, one breath at a time. on +44(0)1622 851122 or email

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Contents Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) Benefits of performing FeNO tests NObreath® features 6 Measuring FeNO with NObreath® Technical specification NObreath Forum Interpretation chart

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Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) Airway inflammation is a central process in asthma and other lung diseases1. Being able to detect eosinophilic airway inflammation and monitor a patient’s response to treatment is regarded as gold standard in the management of respiratory diseases. The production of nitric oxide is often found to be higher in inflammatory conditions such as asthma and therefore FeNO monitoring can be used for the detection and management of such conditions2, but also to differentiate between COPD, ACOS and other interstitial lung diseases that are not assessed by other...

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NObreath® features An ergonomic design, fully-portable and incorporated with SteriTouch® technology for optimum infection control. * Subject to correct use, maintenance and service. For more information on this product call us now

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Measuring FeNO with NObreath® IT’S AS EASY AS: Inhale Consumables NObreath® Mouthpiece The NObreath® mouthpiece is single-patient use and incorporates a one-way valve to prevent air being drawn back from the monitor. Monitor Cleaning Wipes Free from alcohol to ensure continued performance of your monitor. Pack of 50 wipes.

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Technical specification

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FeNOchartTM FeNOchartTM is free patient management software available with every NObreath®. FeNOchartTM enables you to track patients progress, view live reading, download results plus much more. FREE FeNOchartTM patient management software. NObreath® Forum Purchasing a NObreath® entitles you to free membership of the NObreath® forum. The NObreath® forum is an international, invitation-only platform where professionals using the Bedfont® NObreath® FeNO monitor can communicate, share experiences and knowledge, and ask for other professional opinions. There is no cost or obligation to...

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Measuring airway inflammation with NObreath® can help monitor the effectiv Aid in diagnosis using the NObreath® FeNO monitor HIGH >50ppb (>35ppb in children) or rise in FENO of >40% from previously stable levels Symptomatic **Allergic airway inflammation Be cautious (chronic cough unlikely and/or wheeze Unlikely to benefit from ICS Evaluate clinical context Allergic airway inflammation present Likely to benefit from ICS and/or shortness of breath during Monitor change in FeNO over time Possible Diagnosis • Non-allergic asthma    Evaluate clinical context • Rhinosinusitis • Reactive airways...

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eness of medication and can be used to predict the risk of Asthma attacks1*. Monitoring (in patients with diagnosed asthma) using the NObreath® FeNO monitor HIGH >50ppb (>35ppb in children) or rise in FENO of >40% from previously stable Possible alternative diagnosis Persistent allergen    Persistent allergen Inadequate ICS dose Poor adherence Steroid resistance Poor adherence or inhaler technique Inadequate ICS dose Risk for exacerbation (chronic cough Unlikely to benefit from and/or wheeze increase in ICS and/or shortness of breath during past 6 wk) • **Non-allergic asthma (probably...

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Contact Bedfont® or one of our worldwide NObreath® distributors for a free demonstration. Tel:+44 (0)1622 851122 E-mail: Our family, innovating health, for yours. Bedfont® Scientific Ltd. Station Road, Harrietsham, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 1JA, England Tel: +44 (0)1622 851122, Fax: +44 (0)1622 854860 Email: © Bedfont® Scientific Limited 2018 Issue 3 - October 2018, Part No: MKT503 12 Bedfont® Scientific Limited reserve the right to change or update this literature without prior notice. Registered in: England and Wales. Registered...

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