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Online catalogue 2018/19

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Our health. Our Beurer r Wellbeing fo family. the whole Product catalogue 2019 international babycare

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We want you to feel great! Take control of your health, fitness and wellbeing. We offer more than 500 products, and ever since 1919 we have been delivering what our claim promises: health and wellbeing. Our product ranges will ensure you feel great all-round! Our medical products make it easy for you to keep an eye on your health in terms of prevention and diagnosis. Our weight and diagnosis products or therapy massagers make it easier for you to feel great every day. Activity trackers and heart rate monitors will support your sporty lifestyle each day. With professional equipment for your...

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beurer CalmDown Use the stress releaZer to put your stresses behind you. beurer CareCam Monitor your baby's sleep, elderly people or rooms -simply by smartphone. beurer EMS HomeStudio Download your home fitness studio and personal EMS coach onto your smartphone/tablet. beurer FreshHome Put an end to bad air by controlling your indoor environment. beurer BabyCare Gather information about your baby, thereby keeping an eye on their development. beurer v beurer beurer CosyNight Preheat your underblanket with ease, even while you are out of the house. ^ beurer j beurer ^ beurer j CosyNight...

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Top topic: Beurer apps Our four new apps Useful support for your everyday life. Your life, your app You can determine yourself just how much control, coaching and help you need when exercising or caring for your children. We provide you with devices and the corresponding apps to enable you to plan your life as The right app for every lifestyle Tailored tools and applications. beurer CalmDown beurer FreshHome Improve your perceived level of stress through In conjunction with Beurer devices, you can guided and conscious breathing training. Improve evaluate and improve the air quality in your...

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Top topic: HealthManager system HealthManager system Blood pressure measurement Weight and diagnosis Because your health is your most valuable asset. Measurement of oxygen saturation Blood glucose measurement Activity and sleep tracking The “beurer HealthManager” app – a complete system for monitoring your health Health management at home. Prevention, diagnosis Check and exchange your personal health data. Any and monitoring within your own four walls. Nowa- time. Anywhere. With TÜV-certified data security*. days, this is part of a lifestyle in which you take responsibility for your own...

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Top topic: HealthManager products HealthManager products Always up to date with your health. “beurer HealthManager” app The “beurer HealthManager” app enables you to combine the health data collected from all the products you use clearly in a Blood pressure single application. It is convenient, safe and available anywhere and at any time. Export functions for complete data exchange with your doctor! Each individual measurement BM 54 that is recorded allows you to provide your doctor with optimal, accurate information. As a result, treatment can be adapted better to your individual values....

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SleepLine '• product series The product range helps yOu *to fall asleep better, sleep through the night and have an active start to the day. Page 82 Top topic: SleepLine Stops snoring - Get. a restful night's sleep again Calm and restful sleep is an important requirement for us to feel refreshed and energised during the day. Snoring can impair the quality of sleep. With the so-far unique combination of intelligent snoring detection and gentle vibrating alarm, the SL 60 sleep mask gently disrupts the disturbing noises. You can adjust the sensitivity of the snoring detection, impulse...

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Top topic: relaxation and massage More energy and vigour Simply relax and recharge your batteries – in your very own home. With the massage products from Beurer, it is easy to feel good – no matter whether you want to revitalise tired legs with a Shiatsu massage after a long day, gently train your breathing to reduce your stress levels, or pamper yourself with a massager or massaging seat cover. Your personal anti-stress programme Find your inner calm more quickly with the beurer world innovation – the stress releaZer. WORLD INNOVATION stress releaZer Relaxation and breathing harmonised....

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Say goodbye to aches and pains Say goodbye to aches and pains after exercising. Regenerate muscles and tendons in a targeted way with special devices for areas of the body that are placed under particular stress. For example, using the FM 200 – a world first – for the Achilles tendon or the FM 250 for the feet and legs. WORLD INNOVATION FM 200 Achillomed® Rotating massage heads relieve problems with the sensitive Achilles tendon. Page 122 Relax the feet and legs after running PhysioLine product range EMS circulation stimulator relieves pain and swelling. FM 250 Vital Legs Relieve swelling...

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WORLD INNOVATION World first: the first clinically tested cellulite massager.1) For noticeably smooth, firm and toned curves after 12 weeks of use1) . The vibration technology of the cellulite releaZer helps combat the visible effects of cellulite. It directly targets the problem areas and provides deep tissue toning. It also encourages and accelerates the reduction of fat molecules in the fat cells. This means cellulite is eliminated exactly where it arises. Reduces cellulite visibly1) The first clinically tested cellulite massager weeks of use!1) say that the skin is silky and confirm...

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Flexible heating A feeling of comfort and warmth When it's cold outside, we surround ourselves with provide you with flexible heating precisely where warmth to feel good. You can find the right aid for you want it. And with the Beurer Heat To Go almost every situation with the Beurer heating products, you can also enjoy the benefits of the products. Heated underblankets and overblankets right temperature when you are out and about. that come in numerous designs and sizes help you to get some restful sleep. Heat pads and foot warmers Flexible heating Super chic and warm The perfect accessory...

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