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stops bleeding
Haemostasis derived from nature
• HaemoCer is an adjunct haemostatic agent
for use in surgical procedures.
• HaemoCer consists to 100% of purified
plant based starch and contains no animal or
human components.
• HaemoCer is applied directly to the source
of the bleeding and should cover the wound
site completely.
• The hygroscopic particles of HaemoCer
absorb liquid from the blood and initiate a
dehydration process.
Fast – effective - Safe
Versatile use
• Solid blood components are
concentrated and building a clot.
The physiological clotting cascade is
accelerated without any chemical or
pharmaceutical interaction.
• After haemostasis is achieved, a
transparent and adhesive gel film
protects the wound which also acts as a
barrier against further blood discharge.
Fields of application
• Treatment of diffuse and local bleedings

• For bleedings around suture lines
• Substitution of fibrin glue for
haemostasis in vascular surgery
• Substitution of bone wax and
electrocautery cauter for haemostasis
of bone bleedings
General Surgery
Cardiac and Vascular Surgery
Tumour Surgery
Oral and maxillofacial Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Urology / Gynaecology
Thoracic Surgery
Transplant Surgery
• HaemoCer is completely absorbed
within 48h without leaving any residues
100% absorbable
ff Effective and safe haemostasis supports the clinical time management
ff Multidisciplinary use for surgical bleedings
ff Reduction of homologous transfusions and blood donations
ff Easy to apply even in difficult bleeding locations
ff Decrease of foreign body reactions and complications due to rapid and
residue free absorption
ff Safe, fast and effective without interaction or damage of the
surrounding tissue
ff Ready for use without time-consuming preparations (defrosting, assembling etc.)
ff HaemoCer is not affected by the patient’s clotting status

HaemoCer™ flyer
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    Instructions for use:1. Remove all excess blood from the site of the bleeding2. Immediately apply a liberal amount of HaemoCer directly to theTM source...
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