Spirometer SPM 300 - 2 Pages


Infection-free Spirometer

Accurate and Hygienic Spirometer

SPM 300

* Convenient A4 size print-outs allow for easy

chart filing

* Grid function allows you to use low cost plain

fax paper

* Wide and Clear Color TFT LCD

*Touch screen foreasy operation

* PRE-POST bro neh od i I ato r Com pa ri son

* Rotary Key Access to All Menus

*No Cleaning

Using disposable mouthpiece patented

sensing method

■ Breathing Protocol

- FVC (Forced Vital Capacity)

-SVC (Slow Vital Capacity!

- MW (Maximum Voluntary Ventilation)

■ Various Formulas

Morris-Polgar, ECCS-Qu anjer, Kundson-ITS

■ PC compatible through LAN

■ Multi-language(English,Russian,F(ench,



Spirometer SPM 300
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    Bernoulli's Law Pneumotachometer Turbine Propeller or turbine error ratio <20% (inertia problem) medium SmarTube™ accuracy...
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