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Analytical Systems VAPODEST 50s-Water steam distillation systems COMPLETELY AUTOMATED KJELDAHL DISTILLATION titration unit with micro dosing pump Specific program Powerful control

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VAPODEST 50s DISTILLATION SYSTEM VAPODEST 50s DISTILLATION SYSTEM OPERATION VIA PC – VAPODEST-MANAGER Automatic steam distillation with VAPODEST 50s is operated completely via PC using the VAPODEST-Manager control software. The software supports modern laboratory management with extensive documentation and control functions. The fully automated VAPODEST 50s distillation system with integrated titration unit and control via VAPODEST-Manager combines precision and convenience. The design provides the ideal conditions for distillation. All program operations can be monitored and tracked on the display....

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System overview Standard configuration Automatic addition H3BO3 Automatic addition H2O Automatic addition NaOH Programmable reaction time Programmable distillation time Automatic steam generator Variable steam power Automatic suction of sample waste Automatic suction of the receiver Main programs Control via PC / VAPODEST-Manager Selection of language Connection for chemical tank level control Stand-by-Function Optical and acoustical error messages Protection door with safety switch Digestion tubes 250 ml, 400 ml and 800 ml can be used Kjeldahl-flasks 250 ml, 500 ml und 750 ml can be used RS485...

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