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Catalogue excerpts

Analysis systems from a technological leader HIGHEST EFFICIENCY IN THE FEEDSTUFF LABORATORY Guide to the automation of reference analysis WEENDER | VAN SOEST | CNCPS | KJELDAHL | DUMAS HYDROLYSIS | FAT EXTRACTION

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Kjeldahl-N: Crude protein | NDLXP | ADFXP Digestion KJELDATHERM block unit Distillation + Titration VAPODEST Hydrolysis HYDROTHERM hydrolysis unit − Reproducible digestion conditions through precise temperature-time control − Lift to remove the loaded insert rack from the block − Digestion can be visually monitored − 12 x 100ml, 40 x 100ml, 8 x 250ml, 20 x 250ml, 8 x 400ml or 20 x 400ml digestion tubes − Suction of the digestive gases through an exhaust unit and water jet pump − TURBOSOG scrubber for the elimination and neutralisation of sulphuric acid gases (optional) − Automatic steam distillation...

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WEENDER | VAN SOEST | CNCPS | KJELDAHL | DUMAS | HYDROLYSIS | FAT EXTRACTION SAMPLE CF | ADF | ADFom | NDF | NDFom | αNDFom FIBRETHERM automatic fibre-extraction Kjeldahl-N | NDLXP | ADFXP KJELDATHERM + VAPODEST automatic digestion and distillation according to Kjeldahl Dumas-N DUMATHERM automatic N-determination according to Dumas Free fat | Total fat HYDROTHERM automatic HCl hydrolysis SOXTHERM automatic fat extraction

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A STRONG PARTNER We are a worldwide leader in the automation of reference analysis. We therefore do not limit ourselves to the automation of costly methods, but seek to develop them further. Our automatic systems have been tested and meet the minimum requirements for precision in terms of recovery and repeatability to conform with the official international reference standards. Our area of specialisation is automatic systems for − Nitrogen analysis according to Kjeldahl − Nitrogen analysis according to Dumas − Determination of fat content (hydrolysis and extraction) − Analysis of plant fibres...

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