MB Sprinter ICU Brochure - 4 Pages

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MB Sprinter ICU Brochure
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Catalogue excerpts

C. Miesen GmbH & Co KG Tel.: +49 228 54 00 9 - 0 info@miesen.de

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Tail view of the MB Sprinter: GRP console over rear of the vehicle with integrated LED modules in blue and yellow, for the security of the vehicle to the rear, as well as in red as auxiliary brake lights. Likewise the work slip throwers are integrated into the console, so that an illuminating of the tail range is at any time possible. In the center of the console when desired a rear view camera finds At the rear of the vehicle the assembly an aluminum of an appearance is made by the complete width of vehicle with ramming protection and shock absorber.

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Rescue Ambulances based on Daimler Sprinter Clearly partition cabinet combination arranged consisting of one Pharmacy cabinet, a cultivated ampul cabinet, under it a drawer cabinet element, beside it a folding seat with rear- delighted reservoir for the lateral accommodation of emergency suit-case or rescue backpacks. In the upper range the integration of an additional roomy cubboard finds it's place. The entire working surface is made of stainless steel and with a roll border resembles material enclosure. View from the tail entrance: Our complete inside paneling of the patient area for cover,...

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Rescue Ambulances based on Daimler Sprinter

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