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Catalogue excerpts


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INTRO CAMI and Terme di Salsomaggiore e Tabiano for you own respiratory, skin and beauty care. Water, salt and iodine: these are not just chemical compounds but they can represent effective tools for health and beauty. If they are collected and transformed directly by the richest and renowned Italy’s thermal sources, their value is still deeper: Tabiano and Salsomaggiore Terme are cities whose thermal waters are known since the Roman period for the extraction of salt and iodine and, since 1842, for health and beauty applications. Tabiano thermal water is recognized as having the highest sulphide...

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THERMAL WATERS FEATURES The healing power of sulphur The mineral waters of Terme di Tabiano come from springs and from wells. They are cold, sulphurous-solphate-calcic-magnesiac, highly mineralised waters with a very high level of hydrogen sulphide (among the highest in Europe) as well as other highly-prized ingredients. They are formed as a result of the erosion by meteoric water of carious limestone rocks. These springs therefore combine the purity of intensely filtered water with the richness and power of mineral salts formed millions of years ago. The natural balance of gas (hydrogen sulphide)...

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RESPIRATORY CARE The natural spring water of Tabiano replaces effectively spa treatments at home. It is bottled directly by Terme di Tabiano in convenient bottles of 1 liter. Used with VAPINAL hot steam inhalator, the natural spring water of Tabiano Terme is used in the treatments of chronic pathologies of the respiratory airways such as pharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, and catarrhal bronchitis. The Tabiano spring water is classified as "strong sulphurous mineral water", with a content of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) over 1 00mg/l. If it is true the therapeutic effect of sulphurous water is defined...

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SALTS for STEAM INHALATIONS RESPIRATORY CARE ACQUASAL is the complete water thermal line of solutions for nasal effective curative and preventive action in diseases of the airways. The daily inhalation of Acquasal restores the function of ephitelium, producing an effective preventive action. INDICATIONS - To facilitate nasal funcionality - To protect nasal passages - To prevent nasal affections NEW SALSOMAGGIORE SALTS 3° BAUME' are natural mineral salts extracted from the salsobromoiodic water of Salsomaggiore sources. These salts can be dissolved in a solution of water recreating thermal salsobromoiodic...

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RESPIRATORY CARE is a thermal waters inhalator device equipped with stainless steel boiler for the delivery of hot humid steam with the principals of natural thermal waters. Used in the treatment of lower and upper airways. STANDARD CONSUMABLES INCLUDED Stream Nebulizer with adjustable position— SP 0069 TECHNICAL FEATURES Power Feeding — Boiler capacity Heating time- Power consumption — Inhalation time — Duty cycle — Weight without water Shipping carton other configurations on request Non-Stop Operation The natural spring water of Tabiano replaces effectively spa treatments at home. These salts...

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COLD STEAM INHALATIONS RESPIRATORY CARE AEROSOL DELIVERY SYSTEM - MINIMAX is a device for aerosoltherapy turning liquid solutions into an aerosol with fine particles that can reach deep airways. Designed for home-care with compact size and carrying bag for easy transport of unit, accessories and medications. RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH ACQUASAL Line of solutions for nasal effective curative and preventive action in diseases of the airways. STANDARD CONSUMABLES INCLUDED - HI-FLO Jet Nebulizer Adult Masks with elastic strings Child Masks with elastic strings Mouthpiece and Nosepiece (non invasive) Air...

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NASAL HYGIENE LINE RESPIRATORY CARE NASOCLEAN rhino-solution for nasal irrigation The product ensures a deep washing of nasal cavities, helping to maintain the correct functions of this region and preventing diseases. The daily use of Nasoclean, thermal cleaning solution, is effective to maintain the nasal functionality and to protect all high respiratory tracts, including the middle ear, reducing the occurrence of troublesome conditions such as sinusitis and ear infections. The addition of a percentage of Tabiano thermal water, with its contribution of natural mineral salts, enhances the cleaning...

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ACQUASAL " TH 87708 " 100 ML (20 vials 5 ml each)" ~^42 NEW SALSOMAGGIORE SALTS 3° BAUMT~ TH 87709 300 ML (10 sachets 30 greach) ~lo NASOCLEAN BOTTLE SPRAY TH J02A 150 ML ~24

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