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Catalogue excerpts

cadolto prefabricated buildings. Leading modular construction technology from Cadolto.

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CADOLTO BUILDS CLINICS AND LABORATORIES BASED AROUND SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION - We have refined the processes involved in industrial building fabrication from the perspectives of energy efficiency, environmental protection and recyclability, and have combined them with the latest energy- savings technologies. When it comes to design and implementation, we always take account of the entire building lifecycle, delivering solutions that are functionally and economically sustainable. We are permanently investing in new technologies, systems and processes to find the optimum combination. The Cadolto...

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From the very first stages of design and planning, the Cadolto Green concept ensures that the building process generates extremely low emissions and conserves raw materials. When it comes to the environmental balance sheet, our buildings are in the green over their entire lifecycle. And in our use of systems to save energy and ensure the wellbeing of our buildings' users, we are on the cutting edge. METHODS HAVE Ninety percent of our construction is completed in the factory, with préfabrication of modular units. Any waste can be collected and separated by a central process. By consolidating specific tasks...

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RETAIN VALUE Buildings built by Cadolto are completed and ready for entry in very short periods. Assembly work on site takes just a few days, eliminating disturbance from noise, dust and other emissions. Thanks to the mature modular nature of our buildings, we can expand, enhance, replace, move or even dismantle clinics and laboratories quickly and easily. Not only can our con- struction materials be reused almost without limit, entire modules can even Even during the construction phase you will benefit from low site emissions and minimal space requirements. In addition, our buildings offer unique...

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The Cadolto modular construction technology and the Green concept realise every little architectural detail, and take account of all of the latest user requirements. Whether your concerns focus on daylight, clean facilities, accessible solutions, security or comfort, you can rely on our high quality custom implementation. We give you complete architectural freedom, so you can ensure your building fits perfectly into its natural surroundings. By using modern technologies intelligently, we can manage your environment in its entirety, With our standardised industrial préfabrication processes, your...

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MODULAR CONSTRUCTION SUSTAINABLE MEANS With its lifecycle approach, the Cadolto modular construction technology and Greentelligence® concept offers unique advantages. From design through realisation and use to reuse, revitilisation and repurposing, our buildings continuing adding high levels of economic, ecological and functional value throughout all phases of their product The qualitative and rational advantages of indus- trial building fabrication are equally as important as the practically unlimited opportunities for As a result, you benefit from the best possible implementation of your user...

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Cadolto is the world's leading specialist in manufacturing complex, technically advanced prefabricated buildings. Our core competence lies in our high degree of industrialisation This expertise enables us to implement complete turnkey building projects with impres- sive speed. Business operations can continue with little or no interruptions thanks to the ability to quickly move into the new building, and this is a key factor in our core medical Our comprehensive planning and consulting services, industrialised production and fast, economic and high-quality execution of construction projects combine...

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