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Cadolto Modular Construction Technology - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Cadolto Modular Construction Technology Fascinating modular construction FASTER. MORE EFFICIENT. MODULAR CONSTRUCTION.

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FASTER. MORE EFFICIENT. MODULAR CONSTRUCTION. Fascinating modular construction Fascinating modular construction

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FASTER. MORE EFFICIENT. MODULAR CONSTRUCTION. Cadolto Modular Construction Technology Experience the realisation of your custom building request You can rely on our planning expertise gained over decades right from the outset with a comprehensive planning and to efficiently bring all of the trades involved together in one consultancy service. Customer requirements · Consulting Free choice of architecture Fascinating modular construction Modular construction design

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Benefit from your building being produced under ideal indoor Be there when the completely eguipped modules are trans- conditions in accordance with tried and tested standardised ported to the building site and are assembled into a building processes. ready for occupancy in no time.

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FASTER. MORE EFFICIENT. MODULAR CONSTRUCTION. Free choice of architecture and comprehensive consulting Your requirement Nowadays, high-tech functional buildings, especially for What is more, the functional demands upon achitecture medical and laboratory use, present significant challenges. are increasing at a rapid rate. You are entitled to a building Technical innovations are arriving at an increasingly rapid partner who will effectively meet these challenges in a serivce-oriented manner. Fascinating modular construction

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There is one method which brings together comprehensive consultancy, depth of planning, close cooperation, industrial production guality and smooth logistics as never before: Cadolto Modular Constuction Technology. Fascinating modular construction Cadolto modular construction technology makes it possible to realise custom architecture using modular construction methods. The advantage for you: guality, speed, cost- effectiveness and unprecedented flexibility go hand-in-hand with architectural freedom. Customer requests • Consulting Free choice of architecture \ Modular \ Industrial \ Transport...

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FASTER. MORE EFFICIENT. MODULAR CONSTRUCTION. Planning and efficiency right from the start Our planning teams combine experience and skill Sanitation and building services installation planning Planning depth Our experienced planning specialists convert individual The modular construction design brings together and inte- architectural drafts into modular construction design. grates all technical fittings and equipment. That means that the Which means that the advantages of modular construction production processes in the factory can be intensified technology in terms of cost-effectiveness, time...

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Planning incorporates all of the high-tech-equipment Advantages of modular construction technology Planning experts and experienced specialists are at your disposal throughout every phase of the project Custom architecture and rational realisation Customer-oriented planning and consultancy service - national and international Condensed production processes Customer requests · Consulting Free choice of architecture Modular construction design Industrial production

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FASTER. MORE EFFICIENT. MODULAR CONSTRUCTION. Industrial production in the factory Bringing trades together in one place: many jobs can run simultaneously All building services are installed at the factory Steel construction production under ideal conditons Industrial prefabrication Sustainable precision At Cadolto, approximately 90 % of the work is carried out Cadolto modular construction technology guarantees the in state-of-the-art production facilities - unaffected by the highest degree of industrial building fabrication in the world. weather, under constant quality-control, on time and cost- The...

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Fully equipped module at the end of the production line Module in the workshop shortly before delivery Advantages of modular construction technology Quality production under ideal factory conditions Economic gathering of trades in one place Well-rehearsed production teams and standardised operating processes Smooth logistics, complete product transparency Customer requests · Consulting Free choice of architecture Modular construction design Industrial production Faszination Modulbau

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FASTER. MORE EFFICIENT. MODULAR CONSTRUCTION. Flexibel und schnell werden die Module an den Bauplatz transportiert. Uniquely mobile When the building modules leave our factory, they are already fully equipped, including all of the fixed medical, laboratory and building technology and installation as well as tiles, curtains and facades. Thanks to this power compression, it is absolutely cost-effective to transport the units, even over large distances. Fascinating modular construction The modules are transported quickly and flexibly to the building site

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Well-rehearsed assembly teams guarantee smooth, quick on-site assembly Rapid assembly with minimal disruption Adantages of modular construction technology All that is left to do at the building site is to arrange and Economic transport - even transcontinental connect the modules. This minimises the effects of the Quick assembly to form a building ready for operation construction site as a source of disruption - a particularly The disruptive effects of a construction site are minimised important factor while a hospital is in operation. Customer requests · Consulting Free choice of architecture Modular...

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Reliability through tradition Cadolto has been successful on the market for almost 120 years. At Cadolto, innovation and advancement have been the tradition for decades. They form the basis for continuous growth and our position today as a globally operating company. Licenced production Consistent increase in exports Pharmaceutical buildings Clean rooms & laboratories Beginning of industrial building fabrication Mobile transmitting stations Prefabricated building medical technology Room modules First construction site trailer Fascinating modular construction

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