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CS Ultra Orthodontics

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COMPACT & CONVENIENT ■ULTRA1ORTHO The orthodontic Scanner by CADstar CADstar Digital Dental Solutions

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THE PREMIUM SCANNER FOR HIGHEST DEMANDS Special accessory, easy handling and adapted scanning strategies combine the best of the CS ULTRA scanner series with the requirement profile of orthodontic users. Whether it is pure model archiving, in the package with CAD applications for 3D analyses, or supplementary to your patient management system, the CS ULTRA ORTHO will fulfil all your requirements in digital daily orthodontic operations. The “direct positioning system” enables direct control of individual scanner axes for the capturing of hard-to-access areas. The “index positioning system”...

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CS ULTRA ORTHODONTIC ACCESSORY FOR MORE CONVENIENCE AND EFFICIENCY CALIBRATION BODY The scanner is already pre-calibrated before assembly and is only supplied to our clients after undergoing successful validation. This ensures that CADstar only supplies the most precise scanning systems possible to its clients. The calibration body is part of the CS ULTRA re-calibration system and mostly consists of a polished aluminium body. Vibrations and varying environmental conditions can make re-calibration of the system necessary - for this purpose, the calibration body is merely fitted using the...

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INDEPENDENCE PAYS OFF Our prices all contain a scanner, computer and the orthodontic scan module. The CS ULTRA orthodontic edition is also compatible with many other software providers and interfaces. Sales price CS ULTRA ORTHO Plug & Play including computer + orthodontic scan module € 12,990 (€ 11,010 individual scanner price/€ 990 workstation/ € 990 orthodontic scan module) Scan Care by CADstar is the optimal service for your scan system. After the expiry of the guarantee, you will continue to receive telephone support from our experts, as well as free updates for the ULTRA Scan...

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CADstar Deutschland CADstar GmbH • Unsoldstr. 2 • 80538 Munchen Tel. 0800 32 880 10 office@cadstar.dental • www.cadstar.dental

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